5 Hairstyles for the Gym

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on April 25 2019

5 Hairstyles for the Gym

Workout hairstyles are easy to achieve and can go from the gym to work and beyond.

For any woman in 2019, the easiest way to keep your body fit is to stay at it and have a style that matches your ferocity. Here are our top 5 gym hairstyles that will keep you looking good and feeling even better. Not knowing how to style gym hair shouldn’t keep you from getting it done!

1 • Pull it Up:
For a gym hairstyle for long hair, a high ponytail is the best option. Try an anti-frizz serum to keep hair sleek. The best gym hair bands are ones that have no metal clasps and are extra slick to avoid tangling.

2 • Pull it Back:
Athletic hairstyles can still be chic when pulled back. Make a low ponytail perfect for a cute sporty style. Tie hair around the base and secure with bobby pins. Workout hair is meant to stay in place so try an anti-friz hairspray to secure your locks. Also perfect for a workout style for short hair.

3 • Pull it to the Side :
For the curly girls, easy gym hairstyles can be a pain. We’ve found that pulling hair up and to the side don’t disrupt the curl pattern but does make it possible to achieve a contained style. Curly up-dos are dynamic and make this a perfect one for the gym.

4 • Braid it Down:
Perfect for frontals, try this style for easy workout braids. Good hairstyles don’t have to be super complicated, so try braiding hair into four to five separate sections. Use a workout hair tie to secure each braid at the end. This braiding exercise only takes a few minutes. Try spraying hair lightly with a curl serum to achieve nice waves once you take out the braids.

5 • Go for the Top Knot:
Easy gym hair screams “Top Knot!” Apply a lightweight gel or pomade to the outer regions for hair. Brush upward and secure with a workout hair tie. Twist left-out hair into a small knot and secure with a hair tie and bobby pins. Spray lightly with a frizz-defusing hairspray.

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