Brazilian Virgin Hair-My Favorite Hair

Alex Swan

Posted on December 30 2019

Brazilian virgin Hair has the best texture and it is the best quality hair type on the market now. Brazilian hair is well welcomed for its softness, durability and thickness. Brazilian hair is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine. Its lustre is low to medium. Also because of its density, it is less likely to frizz. Brazilian hair will also hold curls for very long time. This hair is extremely versatile.

Brazilian Virgin Hair-My Favorite Hair Type

Picking the right weave can be confusing. A lot of times we come seeking a particular type of weave because they've heard it is the best. Most of the time, the reason we want a Brazilian weave is because all the different types of weaves, Brazilian hair has been around the longest and has gained a great reputation.


Brazilian Hair-best quality virgin hair

Brazilian hair is any virgin hair (regardless of actual place of origin) that has the following qualities. Brazilian hair is very smooth and naturally shiny and comes with many different natural hair colors from black to light brown. The hair is very full and thick. But while being full and dense, it still moves and flows easily. Our Brazilian weaves are very soft, thick, and durable. The full and dense texture of Brazilian weaves means that they match well with African and other coarse hair types. Body wave Brazilian hair is the most common example of this type of hair. This is because a Brazilian weave tends to hold full and bouncy body waves very well. Volure offers both body wave Brazilian hair, in addition to straight, natural weave and curly styles.


It's good to remember that just because Brazilian hair extensions are extremely popular and have been in the market for some time, does not mean that other weaves such as Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian are not worthwhile. In fact many customers prefer the feel and flow of these hair types over Brazilian hair - at the end of the day, it depends on what you like personally.


Brazilian weaves VS other weaves

The key difference between Brazilian weaves and other weaves is how the hair feels. Brazilian weaves tend be very full bodied and thick, but at the same time soft and easy to work into different styles. Virgin Brazilian hair extensions are therefore quite durable and can be styled many times. If you ask the experts, they will tell you that Brazilian weaves are one of the best in the world. Brazilian weaves are known for their beautiful bounce, full body, texture, and versatility. Also, as mentioned earlier, Brazilian weaves are available in straight, wavy, or curly textures. However, compared to the other weaves, Brazilian straight weaves are not super straight but tend to have some light waves in the weaves. This hair holds curls better than Indian Hair, and it is very soft and smooth to the touch. Brazilian hair extensions do not require a lot of maintenance. Brazilian weaves can also handle color extremely well. If you buy Virgin Brazilian hair, you are able to color the hair to any color your heart desires! But keep in mind that you should always treat your Brazilian hair extensions the same way you treat your natural hair. Pour some TLC into your Brazilian weave and you will have it for years to come. Brazilian hair is good for all hairstyles as well – be it short curls, straight, ponytail. The hair will not disappoint.


Peruvian weaves are similar to Brazilian weaves in that they are also quite dense and full. However, Peruvian hair is not as soft, but is rather coarse. Some clients like this coarse feel as it blends better with their natural hair. Indian weaves are usually extremely light and airy and almost thin. They are great if you have thin hair yourself. While both Brazilian and Peruvian hair tend to have a natural wavy look, Malaysian hair usually comes in straight and sleek style. Compared to Brazilian weaves, Malaysian hair is also darker.


All of these different weaves are offered by Volure and are all virgin. This means when you buy a Brazilian hair piece or any other hair piece, you are getting the best hair available in the market that is guaranteed to last you.

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