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Posted on October 22 2019


From the very start till now, I’ve wondered about burmese vs. chinese hair, but selecting and buying of hair extension was a no-biggie. Anybody could do that – you could simply take a look at a package, see the label “premium” and know it was a hair of great quality. Even at the wake of the virgin Indian extension in the market, this simplicity in the market was still there. These days, the supply of virgin hair has grown and spread far and wide-ranging from the Brazilian hair to the Burmese hair making it very confusing and difficult to know which is best.

Before you move to compare the hair textures, there are some terms and features to take note of in every virgin hair. When we say virgin hair, we say hairs that have not undergone any form of processing of chemical treatment. Virgin hair has cuticles that are arranged perfectly well to make sure that they remain intact and won’t tangle.


At most times, When thinking burmese vs. chinese people neglect the difference in these types of hair and this is because their difference are not really significant. China has played a vital role in influencing the cultural makeup of Malaysia and Burma and this has resulted in almost similar hair texture. Generally speaking, these hair textures come in either black or a few times deep browns.

Burmese hair isn’t popularly known however its texture cuts across the Chinese and Indian hair. The surface of the Burmese hair is appropriate for African-Americans. The Burmese hair is healthy and very flexible. It has a long lifespan. Since the hair is straight with a twist at the tip of the hair, it is useful for customers who love straight hairs. The hair is as dazzling as the Brazilian hair.



The Chinese hair is the most common amongst all and this has made it more affordable. due to the high price, the real Burmese and Malaysian hair are controversial among various women.   Obviously, it is possible for somebody of Malaysian or Burmese decent to sell their hair through the Chinese merchants yet, all things considered, these two sellers are essentially prepared to seem not the same as Chinese hair. When you know about Chinese virgin hair differentiating them becomes very easy.

When it comes to being coarse, Malaysian hair is the best pursued by Chinese and afterward Burmese. Burmese hair can look like natural African-American hair that has been heated-straightened.

When it comes to hair texture, Burmese is bound to have a slight wave while Chinese is the straightest. With every one of the surfaces being generally coarse they hold up extraordinarily to heat damage when twisting. Chinese hair is exceptionally solid however may not hold an incredible twist since it is so straight. As a rule, on the off chance that you are looking to do styles with a great deal of body and curl then these textures are not the best alternative.

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