Can human hair wigs be dyed?

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 24 2019

Can human hair wigs be dyed?  The answer is yes.

  1. What kind of human hair wig can be dyed ?

You need to guarantee your hair is real human hair, if yes. The hair will be dyed to other color.

If no, maybe the hair will keep black, it won’t become other color. Synthetic hair and other animal hair won’t be dyed to other color. That’s a very important precondition.

  1. About the color.

What kind of color can I dye to ? Here attach main color of the human hair wigs.

Generally, we can custom the different color for our customer. If you want to dye the hair by yourself. There are some color that can’t be dyed to(For example,the hair is black).

For black color, we generally can be dyed to darker color like #1,#2,#4 etc. Some light color like #60,#613. The black hair can’t be dyed to. Even like #blue, #green, #red etc. You need control professional skill to color the hair.

If you wan to the hair become to #60, #613 etc, you need to bleached the hair. We will share about that in future.

  1. About the quality.

Generally, after we dye the hair, the quality of hair will be worse, not bad. Just not good as before.

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