CURLY Hair Extensions – Good, Bad & Ugly

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 22 2019

Ok, so maybe I’m not super new to wearing extensions, but I am pretty new to wearing super curly extensions. I went natural a few years ago and haven’t worn hair extensions in quite a while. And Yes, I was one of those girls that thought curly hair extensions were just as easy as wearing straight or wavy hair extensions. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  Ow, you should get some deep curly hair extensions” they said. “They’ll blend great with your curly hair” they said. But nobody ever stopped and warned me about the maintenance they require. Why didn’t yall warn me!!!
Let me be the first to say, I love curly hair extensions (now that I know how to take care of them), but I was not expecting the hair care routine that comes along with them.
I’ll start at the beginning. I went to my hair stylist and asked her about some alternative styles and what I could do to keep the curly hair look but protect my hair at the same time. She suggested getting a sew-in with some deep curl or kinky curly hair extensions. She told me since my natural hair was already curly I would not have to worry about heat damage and this would be a great way to reduce any stress or manipulation on my natural tresses. Of course I was all in. For the first few days I was in UTTER LOVE. Everything was completely perfect and just what I had in mind. Going into day 4 or 5, I was starting to experience some mats and tangles; and my beautiful curls weren’t looking so beautiful.

CURLY Hair Extensions

I called my hair stylist frantic to ask “What do I do?” Her reply was “chyle, the same thing you do to your natural hair girl”. “You gotta be kidding me” I said to myself. I had an ideology that I was on vacation from any hair care routines or maintenance. WRONG! Again.
I had to get into the habit of treating this virgin curly hair just like I would treat my very own.So that meant, washing and conditioning, and making sure it stayed moisturized. I also had to make sure I slept with a satin scarf or bonnet on at night. And I always tied it up using the pineapple method so I can ensure my curls stayed popping for the next day.
Curly hair extensions are not hard to take care of, you just have to give them a little extra care versus straight or body wave hair extensions. All you have to do is, do some extra research and gain the knowledge on how to properly take care of and maintenance curly hair extensions and you’ll be just fine. Look at the bright side, at least you had me to warn you about what they entail and require from the wearer.


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