Getting the Best Hair Extensions: Tips for Finding a Reliable Seller

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 29 2019

Getting the Best Hair Extensions: 3 Tips for Finding a Reliable Seller The hair extensions industry is a booming multi-million dollar trade that spans across the globe.


Salons offer these beauty staples, but so do online sellers who source from hair collectors abroad and sell the products directly to end consumers at a more affordable price. Many claim to sell the best hair extensions—smooth, lustrous, and long. Then again, how exactly do you find one that delivers what it promises? Below are five things you should consider when choosing an online hair extensions seller:

Know how to evaluate hair quality. Virgin hair of Remy quality such as a Brazilian hair weave is widely agreed to be the best in the market. It can be cut, dyed and heat styled and maintained just like natural hair. Moreover, it can also return to its natural state after co-washing, letting women try on a new style each time. It’s no wonder, therefore, that a lot of sellers are banking on the “virgin Remy” name for their marketing.

You should be wary, however, of shams who coat their hair extensions with silicone to mask the effects of over-processing. Usually, the hair feels coated as you run your fingers through it, but leaves no residue. Given the fact that silicone washes away, the hair will turn dry, dull and tangle easily. Quality extends to packaging. Even if the hair is of good quality, if the bundles aren’t packaged properly, it will arrive frazzled and tangled. The biggest sellers deliver huge volume of orders on a daily basis and, at times, quality control ends as soon as the goods are sent for shipment.

In contrast, sellers like Zeena Hair Company, ensure that each hair bundle is packed individually, because tying them up in a huge bunch is likely to result in tangling. It would also be hard for straight hair, in particular to lay flat. Moreover, the bundles are placed in a box instead of plastic for added protection. Sharing of educational information.

The online world makes it easy to share valuable content that helps consumers get the most out of the products they buy. You’ll know if a company is interested in providing utmost customer satisfaction or merely after making money by looking for a well-maintained blog on their website or styling tutorials in social media platforms like YouTube.

When researching about sellers of hair extensions, do not base your evaluation solely on reviews. Negative reviews are often very powerful because of the many safety issues associated with wearing extensions. Nonetheless, no great quality hair would last without proper care. So, before you judge a company based on a single feedback, do an extensive research first and check accreditations with trusted review forums or sites.

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