Hair Care for Colored Brazilian Hair Extensions

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on April 04 2019

Hair Care for Colored Brazilian Hair Extensions

When hair is colored in a new shade it starts to require totally different care routine. You must forget about your regular shampoo and conditioner and always use hair color protective products. Always wash hair with lukewarm water to keep the shine and shade of hair dye last longer. Treat your extensions the same way as you do with your natural hair. Moisturize it if necessary and use hair oils for extra shine.


Brush or comb it gently to avoid shedding as dyed hair is more delicate than virgin locks. Keep heating tools on low level and seldom use them to style your hair. You may let hair air dry instead of blow drying especially in summer. Soften the tips with special products or essential oils. Always keep up with original Brazilian hair care tips to opt for the best routines.

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