Hair Weave, Hair Extensions or Hair Wigs: Which One Will Suit You Best

Alex Swan

Posted on December 30 2019

When women have decided to wear hair extensions, some of them have problem of choosing among hair weaves, clip-in hair extension and hair wigs. They don't know which hair extension type is suit them best and whether the hair extension will suit well with their natural hair.

Hair Weave, Hair Extensions or Hair Wigs: Which One Will Suit You Best

With various of hair extensions can be considered, some women are confused to choose which styles. Should they consider hair weaves, or maybe clip-in hair extension is better or perhaps hair wigs is not bad? It’s not easy to decide. Yet, on condition that you are one of these woman and confused to choose the right hair extension style that is best suited to you, why not just make a bold attempt! No matter which type you choose, each hair extension style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Have a better understanding of knowing all hair extensions types can help you make a best option.

There are somethings you can consider..

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing human hair weaves
Human hair Weaves are usually used by hair salons and hair stylist to increase hair length.
Wearing weaves is more time consuming to install.
Available in synthetic and human hair
If the weaves wearing properly, weaves are light and look natural.
Look like it is growing from your scalp.
Increase current hair volume, texture, and length.
Weaves can last up to three months.
To improve confidence.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing hair wigs:
To wear hair wigs can change hairstyles quickly and for short time. It can change hairstyles quicker than wearing hair weave or clip-in extensions.
Generally, hair wigs are very useful to cancer patients. Add hair in a flash!
Based on various occasion, hair style and hair color can be changed easily.
Some wigs can look undetectable and natural once worn. The human hair extensions look more real than the synthetic ones.
Proper placement is essential for a more natural look.
Wigs have a longer lifespan compared to weaves or clip-in hair extensions.
More quick and easy to put on compared to the others.
Synthetic and human hair are available.

Using clip-in hair extensions to change Hairstyles:
Clip-in human hair extensions can well blend with your natural hair if it’s the same texture.
Clip-in hair extensions are available in different colors, shapes, length and textures.
Improve the overall image while adding confidence for the individual who is wearing them.
Available in synthetic and human hair
Hair extensions can only part the hair where there are no clips installed; therefore hairstyle alternatives is limited.

Consider the advantages and disavantages point above of wearing hair wigs, hair extensions and hair weaves, to choose the best suited hair extension method for you. At last, whichever human extension types you choose, you can see an amazing result!

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