How Remy Indian Human Hair Extensions are made by Human Hair Extensions Factories?

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on December 03 2019

Journey of Remy Human Hair from Indian Temples to You:


                    Remy Human Hair Industry is a flourishing industry and didn't fail to thrive in the recession in the last century. According to The Guardian (Hair extensions global secrets), Human hair industry was estimated to be whooping £60 million dollar industry in the year 2012 and is exponentially growing every year. 


                    As we all know most of the hair in the world market is primary sourced from Indian Temples as Sacrifice from the Indian donors to their favorite God. Not to mention Indian Ladies and girls have the best silky soft Lustrous hair. Below are the pictures of three natural textures of Indian Human Hair:



 Indian donors sacrifice their hair for their favorite god as a symbol of love and gratitude. The hair is auctioned every year by the temple authorities, which are taken in auction by the Indian human hair merchants which date back to 1900 AD. Hence buying from Indian Human Hair Suppliers/ Indian Human Hair Company who source the hair from Temples assures 100% Virgin remy hair which is unprocessed.


And now China has overruled and conquered the industry that it apparently looks that China is the primary source of human hair which is not true. China buys second quality hair that is considered as non Remy Indian Hair from Indian manufacturers, process it and mix with animal hair and sells it for cheaper price. The so called Virgin Brazilian Hair, Indian Human Hair and Virgin Remy Hair from china are nothing but Processed Indian Human Hair.





Once the Human hair is shaved off the head it is carefully bundled up and tied at the top to retain the remy nature (which means the cuticle of hair runs in the same direction) and transported to our Human Hair factory where it is thoroughly cleaned and deep conditioned.


The Remy Human hair is then dried and then wefted into Indian human hair wefts. We employ three triple wefting technique to ensure there is no shedding. The hair we produce is 100% Virgin Remy hair and we sort it as Indian human hair, Peruvian Human Hair extension and Brazilian Human Hair extensions  according to the style of the hair.


What is Remy Indian Hair?


Remy Indian Hair is a specialty and highly desired variety of Human hair where the Cuticles run in Mono direction which allows the hair to have lustrous shine and gorgeousness. It takes extra effort and time in collecting the hair in this way but its totally worth it, as it increases the durability of the Remy Indian Hair. The cuticles look like fish scales running in mono direction. So when the hair strands are aligned in different directions it makes the Human Hair to matte easily and hence makes it a undesirable product.




What is Virgin Indian Hair?


Virgin Indian Human Hair is the best quality of Raw Indian hair and its is the unprocessed human hair in any way. Its is one of most expensive of all the Human Hair types. Some of the Cheap human hair are processed and bleached to rip the cuticle off hair follicles to make it look like Remy human hair. Beware not to get cheated. 

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