How to apply full lace human hair wigs?

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 24 2019

Real human hair full lace wigs is popular on the market, most of ladies wear the wig more than 8 years,wear the wigs attend meeting,join the party etc. Full lace wigs human hair join our life.

BUT,do you really know how to apply full lace human hair wigs?

Here are some professional tips to show you how to apply full lace wigs.

Step 1. Put on a flesh-colored or grey color wig cap,guarantee all of your hair inside the wig cap.Adjust the wig cap so it sits front of your own hairline. If you don’t like wearing a wig cap,comb your hair back away from your scalp line.

Step 2. Trim the lace on your full lace human hair wigs, this step only need to be done when you wear the wig first time.Put the wig on you head,Use hair clips to fasten the wig hair back away from your scalp line.

Trim any lace that sticks out past the wig hairline using a pair of sharp scissors. Cut small amounts of lace at a time to avoid accidentally cutting too much. Be careful not to cut any of the wig hair. Leave a little bit of lace sticking out past the wig hairline, but no more than 1 inch.

Step 3. Use cotton ball dampened with isopropyl alcohol to make your hairline skin without body oil.This step could prevent the wig adhesive from sticking properly. If you don’t have isopropyl alcohol,you can use facial cleanser to replace.

Step 4. If your skin is more sensitive,please apply a scalp protector to the skin by your hairline.

Step 5. You can stick the wig tape to the edges of the full lace human hair wigs. Wig tape can be used with wig adhesive or alone. This step will make hair wig more stable,can’t be removed from your head easily.

Step 6. Same as step 5. But the leading role is wig adhesive.Apply a thin layer of wig adhesive to your scalp using a cotton swab. Allow the wig adhesive to dry for the length of time recommended on the label directions. It can be used with wig tape or alone.

Step 7. Press own on the edges of the wig about 10 seconds to guarantee your wig was been sticked to your skin. Then style your hair as your wish.

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