How to Curl Human Hair Lace Wigs Without Heat?

Alex Swan

Posted on February 03 2020

We can curl human hair wigs without heat to express our sense of fashion and keep the hairpieces-lace top closures safe. While you can use heat to style human hair wigs, excessive heat runs the risk of burning or permanently damaging the locks. while human-synthetic blend might also melt with the application of heat. Combing two styling methods –curling and hair product application — will generate the curly look you desire in no time.

1.Fill a sink with warm water. Add 1 tablespoon of mild shampoo and 1 teaspoon of baking soda to the water. Soak the wig in the water for 30 seconds. Avoid rubbing the wig to prevent dislodging the locks. Baking soda helps rid the wig of any unpleasant aroma.

2.Drain the sink. Fill the sink with warm water one additional time. Add 1 tablespoon of mild conditioner to the water. Soak the wig again for 30 seconds. Allow the wig to air dry on a towel for 24 hours or more.

3.Run a comb through the wig hair. Rub 1 tablespoon of liquid hair mousse into your fingers. Slide your fingers through the wig hair to lubricate the locks.

4.Divide the hair into 1-inch sections. Roll each section into a hair roller. Allow the hair to sit in the rollers for 24 hours.

5.Remove the hair rollers. Coat the human hair lace wig with hair spray to reinforce the curly hold.

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