How To Dye Brazilian Hair

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on December 04 2019

Brazilian hair is a popular choice of hair extension because of its texture and versatility. The texture blends well with both Caucasian and African American hair types. The hair can be straightened and hold curls well. The hair has a softness and durability that makes styling easy. The hair holds up well against heat and water. It is also less likely to frizz than other hair types.


The versatility of Brazilian hair can be extended by dying the extensions. While hair extensions are available in both synthetic and human, only human hair can be dyed. Synthetic hair contains artificial fibers making it less versatile than human hair. Cheap Human Brazilian Hair may cost a bit more, but the quality makes it worth it. Also, dyeing the hair will give a custom color like no one else’s.


Dyeing the hair at home is easy to do with the right steps and materials. Depending on the desired look, the dyeing process may be slightly different. For an ombre look, you’ll need a rubber band to tie off the part of the hair you want dyed. The bleach alone will give the hair a blonde color. If you want to vary the color, you’ll need hair color.

hair color

Items needed: hair bleach, hair developer, hair color (optional), applicator brush, applicator bottle (if highlighting), rubber band (if getting an ombre effect), mixing bowl, gloves, aluminum foil, hair dryer (optional), towel, shampoo and conditioner, the hair to be dyed.


dyed different texture hair1. Wash the hair to make sure it’s free of any product prior to dyeing. Comb out any tangles. Dry the hair with a towel. Make sure it is dry before beginning.
2. If an ombre look is desired, use a rubber band to mark the spot you want to dye up to. Tie the hair as if making a ponytail.
3. Put gloves on before handling chemicals. Now it’s time to prepare the dye. Set the aluminum foil on the flat surface and place the hair on top.
Add even parts of hair bleach and developer to the mixing bowl (for example, one ounce each)
4. Mix bleach and developer until there is a creamy texture. Add more if needed but add at little bits at a time.
5. For even color, spread the hair out. If it’s bundled together, the color won’t distribute evenly. If you want to achieve a look with different shades of color, leave the hair bundled.
6. Once the bleach and developer are mixed to desired texture, use the applicator brush to paint the hair. Brush one side to distribute the product evenly and flip the hair to make sure it’s covered evenly on both sides.
7. When you’re done spreading the mixture, place the foil on top and fold it over to seal it tight. To speed up the process, you can use a blow dryer over the sealed hair. Check the color every five minutes if you desire a darker color, check every ten minutes for a lighter color.
8. Once you like the color, unwrap the hair.
9. If you’re adding additional hair color you have two options: add the hair color to a mixing bowl and lay the hair flat on foil and brush the color on the hair the same way you did the bleach. When you’re done, fold the foil over and seal it just as before. Or if you want highlights, use the applicator bottle to add the color where you want it. Seal under foil.
10. You can leave the sealed hair under heat for 15 minutes, or leave overnight for more intense color. If there is a time specified on the hair color box, go with that time.
11. Rinse excess color with warm water. Shampoo and condition the hair.
12. Rinse the conditioner with cold water. Cold water will not only seal the color but add shine to the hair.
13. For best results, air dry the hair for better moisture. If you’re pressed for time, you can use a hair dryer. The hair should be completely dry before you wear it.
14. Once it’s dry, your hair is ready to wear!

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