How To Find A Good Human Hair Supplier

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on April 10 2019

Since huge demand of hair extension, more people enter into hair business field.You have to find a reliable&good human hair supplier in case wasting your money on bad quality hair. But how? It become much more difficult.Here are some tips on how to find good hair vendor.

#1:  First, you have to decide where you want to purchase from? 

From your local,China,Indian or Vietnamese ? In fact,people from all around the world prefer to buy hair from China because of good quality, low price and multiply choice, including your local hair distributor import from China.So you also can do so to save money and profit more.

#2 How to search human hair supplier 

If you just start up your hair business, or want to change new hair vendor.The easiest way is to search from google with ”hair supplier” whatever you want to find.You can find many hair supplier.Second way, you also can search from Aliexpress, but as far as I know it become a mess ,Supplier offer low quality  hair with low price because of intense competition. Put all hair supplier information into a list.

#3 Do your research

Keep in mind that research is very very important thing.Read every supplier careful,Ask question,For example, what hair it is brazilian, indian, peruvian, malaysian, chinese, mogolian hair.how much hair per bundle?what texture they carry? Is it virgin hair? Look the review, which previous customer buy from them. One thing, if you’re big distributors you can cooperate with factory at lower price ,but it is better to come to China visit their factory.If you’re not, just find a reliable hair distributor is okay, because they have more efforts to serve you. After your research, cut your list.

#4 Sample hair

Ask free sample or place sample order from some suppliers (don’t place too much bundles,maybe just few bundles).Please note you should order similar price hair ,not the same Grade hair,because each supplier’s quality is not the same for same Grade. Do all the test and Make comparison. Then you can decide which supplier’s quality is better,also you should consider your own market if you client can accept such price. (Before you test the hair,if you already don’t like the hair,you can return them back.So you have to ask them Return Policy before order).

#5 Wholesale hair

Now you can start wholesale hair from your the supplier you final choose.When you get wholesale hair ,don’t forget to have a look if the hair is the same with sample hair.

We know, it is not very easy to find a good human hair supplier, as only as you have patience ,you will find it and make your business more successful.

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