How to Properly Maintain Your Human Hair Weave

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 04 2019

Along with the joys of owning the best hair bundles comes the stress of maintaining it. Both your human hair weave and the natural hair underneath deserves to be properly maintained. We always advise our customers on how to maintain their hair before they buy. How you choose to take care of your extensions will determine how long it will last. So here are 8 tips and trick to keep your human hair looking as good as new.

Choose the right type of human hair weave
Most women in Kenya don’t know that human hair weaves are not all created equal. It’s easier for you to maintain the right type of weave. Start by choosing a weave that blends with your natural hair. It will make your life so much easier. If your hair texture is rough, go for the Peruvian hair. If you have very smooth and fine natural hair, Indian hair is best. Most importantly, choose a high quality grade 7A human hair. It’s the best investment.

Comb the weave gently
Avoid pulling and yanking your weave. The more you do this, the more you end up damaging the hair. Even the best human hair weaves will shed if you comb through with so much vigour. Treat the hair as you would your own hair.

Detangle from bottom up
The human hair weave can slightly tangle when wet. So always detangle it from bottom up. Tangling can occur badly and you may end up ripping the hair. If the hair is sewn onto your hair then be gentle when detangling so as not to put a lot of tension on your scalp.

Washing your human hair weave
You can wash the weave as often as you like just make sure you deep condition it as well. Look for a good protein or moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. You can put the hair in a plastic bag and keep it there for 24 hours. Alternatively, put the bag in a microwave for a mixture with medium heat. It helps to ensure the ingredients in the conditioner penetrate the weave. 

Drying the human hair weave
If you have the weave on, then always make sure it’s completely dry after cleansing. Ensure that the braids underneath are also completely dry. When the scalp is left damp, the smell can leave you running for your life. Sit under a dryer and let the hair dry completely. If you still haven’t put on the weave, dry it using a hair dryer. Apply medium heat since very high temperature can damage the weave.

Use the right spray or serum
Using the wrong spray or oils on your weave can cause a lot of damage. Ask your hair stylist to advice on hair products that are good for your human hair weave. Oil based sprays are the worst to use on human hair. Use a special serum that’s made for your weave.

Taking care of your weave when sleeping
Never go to bed with a tight scarf wrapped on your head if you have a weave. Use a satin scarf to cover the hair and don’t make it tight or else it will cause tangles. You can also opt for a satin pillowcase instead of a scarf.

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