How to Take Care of your Hair Extensions in 3 Steps

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on March 05 2019

Brazilian hair bundles

Newly born virgin hair extensions don’t have to scare you! Leave all stress behind with these easy steps that will help you maintain your Remy hair extensions and look your absolutely best for a long time!
The secret is in keeping the locks perfectly moisturized. This is the main factor that will keep your hair silky soft and healthy.

To achieve that, you start with:

1. Washing & Conditioning

To begin with, you need a deep moisturizing shampoo & conditioner at least once a week, to restore the hair while cleansing it and help keep it most shiny and healthy. We don’t want a plain conditioner but a product with a deeper action.

After washing, use a leave-in conditioner; something light and without sulfate that dries the hair out. Basically, any brand that doesn’t leave much of a buildup will do because residue damages the hair and we need to avoid that.
Let your hair air dry with the leave-in conditioner or gently blot your hair extensions if you are pressed by time and don’t have the time to wait. Use a soft towel and go as tender on them as you possibly can.

Once the conditioner dries, you are free to style your hair as you wish. If you want to give your lovely strands a nice natural wave pattern, raid your hair in a couple of braids before you go to sleep. To provide your Remy hair extensions with some extra protection, tie the hair in a satin scarf (good quality).

2. Moisturize

You should adopt a hair care routine and stick to it. So, every morning, apply a moisturizing product that also provides breakage protection, such as Organix Nourishing Anti Breakage Serum or the fantastic products at Margaret’s hair salon, specially formulated for that reason.

To do it right, first squirt the selected product in your hands and rub them together. Use your fingers to apply the moisturizer instead of a brush that is harsher on the hair. Also, using your fingers will allow you to work the product evenly into the hair and feel for tangles without damaging the hair.

Always work your way through the hair in a downward movement from the top to the ends. To give your hair more fullness and body, and save yourself an oily shine, make sure your movement are rhythmic.

Then, take a paddle brush and lightly brush through the hair as evenly as you can, starting at the ends and slowly working your way up. This will help you prevent breakage from tangles. Don’t overdo, though, as brushing your virgin Indian Remy hair too much can ruin the beautiful natural curl pattern.

If you made it this far, it means that you are done! You can now straighten, curl or style your hair as you like. Make sure you use a heat protector if you are using heat tools as you don’t want to damage the cuticle layer of the hair and end up with dry hair and split ends.

Moisturized hair? Check!

Protected Virgin Remy Hair Extensions? Check!

Ready to amaze the crowds? Check!

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