How To Tell If Your Virgin Hair Is Real

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on November 07 2019

  Here at Zeena Hair Extensions we offer nothing but top of the line high quality extensions.  Many women are throwing away their hard earned dollars on extensions that are not authentic virgin hair. There are several ways to tell if your hair is really he real deal.


1. The Flame Test

Real virgin hair turns to ash synthetic hair turns to sticky texture which hardens when cool. If the hair burns with a white smoke and turns to ash, this indicates it is human hair and no synthetic fibers have been added to the bundle. If the hair burns with a black smoke and turns into a sticky texture which later hardens when cool, this indicates synthetic fibers have been added to the hair bundle.

2. The Color Of Virgin Hair

Virgin hair comes in natural colors such as dark natural brown to an off black.  Real virgin hair has never been dyed by the hair donor or the hair vendor. Every bundle comes from a different donor no two bundles are exactly alike.  


3. Order A Sample

Some virgin hair companies offer samples for order.  Where this is available this is the best thing to do.


Do your research & make sure you're making the right investment

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