How To Use Your Hairstyle To Make You Look Slimmer

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on March 05 2019

How To Use Your Hairstyle To Make You Look Slimmer

Losing weight permanently involves a complete overhaul of your lifestyle. Along with eating healthier food and getting more active the road to a healthier weight can be long. In the meantime there are things you can do to help give you a more streamlined appearance while you are shedding those pounds.

Round & Square Faces

Round faces are widest at the hairline and chin with rounded edges while square faces will also be wide but with more angular features. Even if you don’t have any weight to lose, if you have either of these face shapes your goal should be to use hairstyle to elongate your features and soften your appearance.

Just as with clothes, there are tricks that you can use with your hairstyle to appear slimmer. Here are a few suggestions you can try:

Length Length Length!

Length is key to giving you a more streamlined appearance! For the same reason that a fashion consultant would tell you to wear long dangling scarves, long hair gives you maximum vertical lines so helps you appear slimmer. Depending on your height 18 inches and up should be the length you should aim for in hair extensions.

If your face is round or square avoid center parts and cut layers that frame the face to soften your appearance. Keep your layers either above or below the chin (below being preferable) and stay away from blunt bangs because they will enhance your face shape. Avoid pixies or other short cuts especially bobs as they will enhance rather than elongate the shape of your round or square face.

Sleek Straight Smooth

Where smooth straight tresses can look severe on others, if you are trying to look slimmer, ultra straight styles work wonders! The length draws the eye downwards making you appear longer and leaner.

Woman with long wavy to curly hair and summer dress

Long wavy to curly hair

No it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your curly installs! As long as the hair you wear is more long than wide you will still get the benefit of a slimmer appearance. So if you favor curly hair, try to wear it in a very defined state. The easiest way to achieve this is to apply a styling mousse or gel while the hair is wet. Allow the hair to air dry or blow dry using a diffuser attachment. Don’t touch the hair as it dries to prevent frizz from forming. The style should remain pretty close to your head when completely dry.

As a rule of thumb, remember that straight will give you the most slimming appearance followed by wavy, curly and so on. For kinky curly textures, try to wear it long (past your shoulders at least). You can also style the hair in such a way as to reduce it’s volume for example half up and half down. As long a you leave a few pieces to frame your face and add length and as long as the volume on the sides of your face is reduced your hairstyle will still work well.

Color Choices

Just as you would be better off choosing monotones or block colors with your clothes for a slimming effect, monotone hair also works best too. If you really want some color, stick with subtle streaks, highlights and lowlights rather than big bold streaks.

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