Lace Closure VS Silk Base Closure

Alex Swan

Posted on December 30 2019

The key point of wearing hair weaves is to make sure it looks as natural as possible. Hair closure is a convenient choice to leaving some of your natural hair out at the top to make your hairpiece blends well with your own hair. Hair closure can be lace closure and silk base closure, it is a mall hair piece unit, install along with your bundles and leave none of your own hair exposed, also allows your sew in to look natural.

Lace Closure VS Silk Base Closure

While wearing a pair of hair closure, it will either be a lace closure or a silk base closure. What is the difference between Lace closure and Silk base closure?
To ensure you well informed of the two hair closure types, here are some of the differences Between Lace Closure and Silk Base Closure:


The foundation of lace closure and silk closure

Lace closure: The base of lace closure is of course- lace. Hair strands rooted through tiny holes. The installation of lace closure is fairly easy and can blend well with your own hair. Lace closures usually are thinner and lay flatter on your head allowing for a more natural hairline. The defect of lace closures is that you will have to do some kind of bleaching or add some material underneath in order to make it look as natural as possible. You will also see “gridlines” of the lace itself, which will call for you to make some adjustments.


Silk base closures: The hair strands are installed in a silk material which is very skin like and is strengthened with a piece of lace. Silk base closure tend to last longer and, a very important point for some women, don’t needs any bleaching. Moreover, silk base closures tend to look the most natural, which makes it a favorite amongst a lot of weave wearers.


The Color of lace base and silk base closure

The lace of a closure can come in difference shades, which is very helpful in making sure that what you are getting works best with your scalp color. It cannot be reiterated enough about the importance of making your sew in look as natural as possible. With that, though the lace of closures can come in different colors, they are still very much transparent so you will see whatever it lays on.


On the other hand, silk closures are not as transparent because there is a layer of material, which we discussed above, that gives you the look of hairs coming out of a natural scalp.


The Cost and Longevity

What makes a person to decide to choose one closure? The two main factors are Cost and longevity.
Lace closure is cheaper while you may have to put in extra effort. The silk based closure uses the silk material which made it more expensive. Both hair closure types are use Virgin hair.


Longevity is another factor to consider, which many women agree, and the silk closure lasts longer. There are a lot of differences between lace closure and silk base closure, but there still has one thing in common: the overall purpose. Zeena hair closures help make your  hair weave looks natural and can help to  not damage on your  natural hair


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