Natural human hair VS Synthetic hair

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 24 2019

Choose a satisfied hair wig for beautiful lady is very hard. Most hard choice is between real human hair and synthetic hair. Price is the main reason before you choose hair wig, Queen hairly. will show you more details to help you choose the hair.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of real human hair wig between synthetic hair.

  1. The Feel

The most important advantages of real human hair wig is that it’s real human hair on your head.It’s easy to adjust the cap size and hair style within a short time. If you don’t get used to wear the synthetic wig,you will feel uncomfortable for a while.

Real human hair is same as your hair,don’t feel uncomfortable. Synthetic hair is made by fiber,you will need time to get used,but someone can’t get used to wear the synthetic hair.

  1. The Appearance

Real human hair wigs is human hair,looks like the hair grow on your head. They are prone to frizziness,messiness and etc. Some people believe it to be a disadvantage while others appreciated the “REAL” look of such human hair wigs.  No one has perfect hair.  That’s why synthetic hair looks like unnatural.

  1. Styling

Human hair wigs can be easy style by yourself or hair stylist. You can dye,make a curl,perm etc.The real human hair have a better heat resistance. You can perm a one time hair style when you join a party,activity or meeting. Also,you can choose a permanent hair style,always keep your beauty when you put on the human hair wigs.

Synthetic hair has poor heat resistance and c an be ruined by hair curler.

  1. The price

Natural human hair wigs always more expensive than synthetic hair wigs. Human hair wigs made by real human hair,cost is more than synthetic hair. Synthetic is made by fiber,it’s very cheap to produce more. And the price for natural human hair wigs is depend on the length,color,density etc. But today Queen hairly offer the high quality human hair wigs with competitive price,most of lady could afford the price.

  1. Maintenance

Natural human hair wigs need more time to care about. You need to wash the locks,curl them,brush them,fight the frizz,etc. But that’s real human hair. Even the hair for yourself,you always need time to care them. Some synthetic user believe the synthetic hair wigs are best wigs,it looks and feels natural but after 1-2 months,they will change their minds.

  1. Color retention

If you dye a natural hair wig, the color will fade over time. Frequent dyeing is not recommended for wigs since it affects their longevity. Meanwhile, synthetic wigs retain the bright and fresh color for as long as you wear them.

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