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Posted on April 18 2019

Neatly laid edges are a constant alert. It enhances your overall look and especially with extensions, creates a perfect connection between your natural hair, but can be tricky to achieve.

Start out with Clean Hair

Go through your preferred shampooing (and drying) method, either using: Moroccan Oil Shampoo, or Shampoo. Both shampoos are great options for getting rid of product buildup without drying out your hair. Starting with clean hair will ensure your edges will be healthy, shiny, and won’t cause flaky residue.

Condition your Hair

Follow up after your shampoo with a spritz of water and lightly applying the Leave in Conditioner. Our revolutionary leave in conditioner creates shine without weight. It strengthens, smooths and detangles which is great for both natural and relaxed hair textures. Well conditioned hair won’t suffer from drying, and breakage, and will become tamed more easily.

Heat it up

For unruly edges you might have to apply heat before laying. Mist your hair using Flat Iron Mist, and apply low heat with either a blow dryer. flat iron or curling iron. Developed especially for flat irons to glide smoothly through the hair,  Flat Iron Mist leaves behind a lustrous shine and radiance. It not only protects against thermal damage as it smooths, but conditions and seals the hair as well. And lets not also forget it smells incredible!

Lay them

The last step is to apply an ample amount of edge control to a soft bristle toothbrush. Use a edge control with both Argan and Coconut Oils which help repair, moisturize and add shine to all hair types. There is no flaking or stiffness and its non-greasy with a semi-matte finish. Gently work the product into your edges until you get the perfect look you desire. You’ll have an all-day flexible hold that everyone with envy. Order your today.

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