Virgin Brazilian Hair Weave Is The Best!

Alex Swan

Posted on December 30 2019

Virgin Brazilian Hair weave is made of 100% unprocessed hair, it is thick, soft and naturally wavy. It is collected from a single donor. When cutting the Brazilian hair, the raw hair products is kept strictly in its tie and carefully cleaned and brushed. The Virgin Brazilian hair is kept in its natural direction, the way hair does naturally. Since the cuticles are intact and facing in the right direction, the hair does not tangle. Simply put, Virgin Brazilian Hair Weave is gorgeous hair!

Virgin Brazilian Hair Weave Is The Best!

What is Virgin Brazilian Hair

The term “virgin” indicated that the hair is untouched and is in its completely natural state, just like your own hair. The virgin Brizlian hair is cut from directly the hair owner, the hair has natural end tips that blends well in and looks very natural.  Virgin Brazilian hair has not gave any chemical treatment, not be dyed or colored, the Virgin Brazilian hair is unprocessed and thus it has exceptional long durability. When you choose to wear wigs use  virgin brazilian hair you should use bundles in certain lengths. As far as possible you would strive to keep the natural tip-end and not cut the hair more than necessary.


Virgin Brazilian Hair Weave

The Virgin Brazilian Hair is then sawn or hand tied onto a track which becomes the weave. Normally 2 weaves are attached together giving each bundle of hair a high hair density. It is possible to split this weave for use on sensitive and visual places of a sew-in or wig. A good and strong weft should not shed and at the same time be thin, soft and possible to fold, you should not need to use any weft sealer. When brushing through a human hair weft there could be some single strand natural shedding which it normal on any hair extension product. Always use a brush specially developed for extensions.


Virgin Brazilian Hair Textures

Virgin Brazilian Hair comes in many textures. If the hair is unprocessed, how can they create these textures? The textures are created in a slow steam process using water only and no chemicals. The hair is tied into rolls and then placed in a cold steamer. After hours of steaming, the hair folds into the various textures.


Virgin Brazilian Hair Color

The color of the Brazilian hair is the natural hair color from the donor. Therefore each bundle can vary slightly in color shade. Normally the color is 1B – OFF black, which is a black color with a brown shade. However the color could shade up to dark brow color 2 in the shades.

This is normally not a problem. Even though an install can use different color shades you can color the hair into any color you like. Many choose to color the hair after it is installed so that it blends perfectly with the clients own hair.


Lustre of Virgin Brazilian Hair

Virgin Brazilian Hair lustre should be medium to low. You do not want the hair to be too shiny and fake looking, but the hair should look natural, just like your own hair. See more Virgin Brazilian hair information. 

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