Virgin Hair vs. Remy Hair: What's the Difference?

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on April 25 2019

At Zeena Hair, we have only Virgin Remy hair. It’s unprocessed and untreated Indian hair, with all cuticles intact and in one direction, giving you a completely natural appearance.  We guarantee our hair and have been told by many of our clients that we are the best in the market. So, if you're interested in purchasing hair extensions but can’t tell the difference between Virgin and Remy hair,  we're here to help explain! These words are often used incorrectly and lead to the consumer making a purchase that is not their desired product. So let’s get to the bottom of this. The first rule to remember is that remy hair does not always mean virgin hair.  Although the two terms are often used together, they are completely different in meaning.  Here’s a quick definition of the two:

Virgin Hair - Untouched, raw hair.  It’s not been bleached, permed, dyed, processed, or chemically altered.

Remy Hair - Human Hair collected directly from a hair donor with the cuticle still intact.

Virgin hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed and intact. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached and chemically processed in any way.  The GREAT thing about virgin hair...it can last up to a YEAR with proper care and maintenance.  With virgin Indian hair, you have to care for it just like your own natural hair; shampoo, condition.  If you maintain your virgin Indian hair extensions properly using the essential oils and products like normal hair, you will have long lasting sleek, smooth, tangle free-natural looking hair and you will be able the reuse the hair many times after. Remy hair is probably the most misunderstood and overused phrase in the hair industry. Remy hair is achieved when the cuticles are still intact and not stripped, and most importantly it's bundled so that the cuticle lays in the same direction from the time the hair is cut from the donor.  Preserving the hairs' cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates hair extensions that are completely natural in appearance. Any other product does not fit the bill. The truth is, 97% of all human hair out there has been chemically treated in one form or another.  Forget about what’s virgin and what’s not, and concentrate on attaining quality hair for yourself or for your clients.  The one fundamental key you want to know is if and how it's being processed and untreated.  

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