What is silk top / silk base hair wig ?

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 24 2019

We always want to find a good vendor to purchase high quality human hair wig. Actually, silk top/silk base human hair wig is kind of high quality human hair wig.

But do you really know what is silk top/silk base hair wig ?

Silk top/silk base hair wig is the revolution of the lace human hair wigs. The base is made from 2 special lace pieces ( one on top and one on bottom ). The hair is tied using reverse ventilation, which tying the hair from the bottom to the top, hair knots will be hidden in the lace. If you check the hair from top,you will see, the hair seems grow from your own scalp.  The most important of the silk top, the hair looks real real real human hair grow from your head. That’s why many fashion ladies would like to pay more $50.00 to order a silk top / silk base human hair wigs.

Another thing that we need to know, silk top / silk base human hair wig will be more comfortable than lace wig, silk base is so soft than lace, if you purchase the human hair wig first time, you will fall in love with the silk top / silk base wig.

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