What is special about hair care products for hair extensions?

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on April 02 2019

hair extensions are processed after they are harvested. This
processing causes the hair to lose its moisture. Even during daily use, given
the ambient pollution levels in a major city, the Brazilian hair extensions worn
 in Atlanta, ga continue to lose their moisture, albeit at a lesser rate than during the
preliminary processing. This loss of moisture is exacerbated when the Brazilian
hair extensions are subjected to chemical or heat treatments. Since the
Brazilian hair extensions are isolated from their source of nourishment and
moisture replenishment, they require extraneous infusion of moisture. This is
provided by specialist hair care products which are available in the market for
special care of Brazilian hair extensions worn in Atlanta, ga. Generic hair care
products are not designed for taking care of the special needs of hair
extensions. For this, special products which contain more concentration of
moisture and nutrients which are needed by hair cut away from their source of
nourishment are required. These are called specialist hair extension care
products, as different from general hair care products.

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