What is Virgin Brazilian Human Hair?

Alex Swan

Posted on December 30 2019

100% unprocessed hair Brazilian Virgin Human hair has not gone through any chemical treatment, nor been colored and is collected in one cut from a single donor. The hair is tied in a ponytail before the cut and a full head gives 3 bundles of hair.

What is Virgin Brazilian Human Hair?

Features of Virgin Brazilian Human Hair?

Best quality Virgin remy Brazilian hair is absolutely unprocessed and has full cuticle, soft touch and tangle-free. It is kept in its natural direction from root to end and make sure that the cuticles is facing in the same direction as your own hair. Since the cuticles are intact and facing in the right direction, the hair does not tangle.

As the virgin brazilian hair is cut directly from the donor the hair has natural end tips that blends perfectly in and looks very natural. When you do an install or create a wig with the virgin brazilian human hair you should always use bundles in staggered lengths. As far as possible you would strive to keep the natural tip-end and not cut the hair more than necessary.

Textures of Virgin Brazilian Hair?

Virgin Brazilian human  hair comes in many textures. If the hair is unprocessed, how can they create these textures? The textures are created in a slow steam process using water only and no chemicals. The hair is tied onto rolls and then placed in a cold steamer. After several days of steaming, the hair folds into the various textures. Available texture of Unprocessed Brazilian hair at Zeena Hair straight, natural wave, loose wave, deep wave, body wave, kinky curly, jerry curly and more.

The most common textures are:Silky Straight, Natural Wave, Body Wave, Curly, Kinky Curl.


The color of the virgin brazilian hair is the natural hair color from the donor. Therefore each bundle can vary slightly in color shade. Normally the color is 1B – OFF black, which is a black color with a brown shade. However the color could shade up to dark brow color 2 in the shades.

It is not a problem.  Although an wearer of hair weave can use various color shades of  virgin hair, you can color it into your favored color. Most customers choose to color the hair weave after installing so it can blends well with your own hair.   

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