What Makes Brazilian Hair the Most Sought After Virgin Hair Extensions

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on December 03 2019

5A Brazilian Human Hair Extensions The Most Sought Hair

All virgin hair types are prized for their natural movement complemented by minimal shedding and tangling. Because virgin hair is free from chemical processing, it responds well to coloring and texturizing.

There are several types of virgin hair on the market, but Brazilian hair extensions are by far the most sought after. So what makes them so special?

Brazilian Hair Origin

In India, virgin hair is regularly donated in temples across the country as part of a spiritual ritual, making it affordable and easy to find. In contrast, Brazilian virgin hair comes from individuals who are paid in exchange for their healthy and luxurious locks, which makes authentic virgin Brazilian hair expensive and difficult to come by.

Adding to the appeal of Brazilian hair is the fact that Brazil is a very ethnically diverse country, which results in a selection of hair that’s ideal for a wide variety of hair types. Brazilian hair comes in three textures, which are often designated by grade. All textures of Brazilian hair are known for their thickness and bounce, making them a popular choice for women of color.

Brazilian Hair Extension Textures

Brazilian Straight/Grade A - Hair of this type is sourced from Brazilian natives with European, Spanish or Native Indian ancestry. This type of hair is typically very silky and straight, but may be a little bit wavy, depending on the source. Brazilian straight hair is usually very fine, and looks great worn straight or curled.

Brazilian Wavy/Grade B - This texture is the most common type of Brazilian hair available on the market and is often sourced from a donor with mixed Spanish, Native Indian and African ancestry. Brazilian wavy hair is coarser than the straight and has a natural wave.

This type of hair is extremely versatile and a fantastic choice for gorgeous bouncy curls. Brazilian wavy hair extensions require little maintenance and can last for up to a year.

Brazilian Curly/Grade C - Hair of this type is coarse and naturally curly, making it a great choice for a low maintenance natural look. Brazilian curly hair is typically sourced from donors with Native Indian and African ancestry.

Care and Maintenance

Because Brazilian virgin hair has been removed from its natural source of moisture and nutrients, it’s important to provide gentle care in order to keep your extensions strong, shiny and free of tangles. With proper maintenance, Brazilian virgin hair extensions can last for many months.

Gently detangle your extensions before shampooing with a sulfate and silicone free cleanser, starting at the bottom and working up. Support your attachments when brushing and washing to avoid excessive pulling at the attachment points. Condition the extensions often, especially if you have the Brazilian curly type.

Avoid applying heat to the hair, air dry on rollers instead. Brazilian hair holds curls very well, even without the use of heat.

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