Why does my human hair wig tangle?

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 24 2019

Today,I will tell you more tangle secrets about human hair wig.

  1. Hair Quality

There are 3 main quality human hair wigs. Remy,Cuticle aligned,Virgin.

Remy < Cuticle Aligned < Virgin. Remy hair just some same length hair to be made a hair wig,Cuticle aligned hair is one direction hair. Virgin hair also one direction hair,but quality is more better than Cuticle aligned hair.

  1. Hair knots

We all know,the human hair wig is be tied the hair on wig cap. Different hair knots will influence the tangle. Single knots will be easy to be tangle,but double knots won’t. Queen hairly adopt single knots with double knots technique. The human hair wigs will be more natural and difficult to tangle.

  1. Use ways

When I 25-26 years old. I always tangle and shedding. But after I use better hair shampoo and use hair conditioner. The hair become more smooth and shiny.

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