4 Reasons – Not To Be Ashamed About Wearing Hair Extensions

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on February 27 2019

Brazilian hair bundles

How many times have you heard women who wear extensions express their concern over looking too ‘fake’ or not wanting to wear a weave because others may think they are committing some kind of life altering betrayal to themselves and ‘who they really are’. Wearing extensions should be nothing to be ashamed of, they are literally enhancements to something you already have and doesn’t deter from that fact one way or another.

Here are 4 reasons you should never be ashamed of wearing your hair extensions:

  1. You are not ‘monotone’ – You like to switch things up, everybody knows that hair doesn’t grow as fast as you tend to change your mind and your look so why not take advantage of what the beauty industry has to offer. Some months you may prefer long elegant locks and other months you may want to keep it spunky and fresh by wearing a short edgy style. That isn’t your fault, you are a creative being and your style should reflect every ounce of that creativity. 
  2. It’s your investment – Who gives a hoot what others think, it’s your hard earned money and hair extensions are an investment, let’s face it you get what you pay for and most times the quality of the hair is usually reflected in the price. You spent your money paid for your stylist and now you look and feel like a million bucks. There is nothing to be ashamed of, rock that weave with confidence and let the naysayers drool some more.
  3. You take the time to make sure your hair is flawless – You know when you are looking fly, it is reflected in your ‘swag’ but to delve a little deeper, a great install should never be ‘noticeable’ your hair should look as natural as possible. When your hair is professionally done, either by yourself or your favorite stylist it should be flawless and with care should remain looking that way for the time you have allotted to wearing your extensions. Ensuring that your hair is installed properly will help you wear the hair with confidence and is frankly, nothing to be ashamed of.
  4. You take care of your hair – You treat your extensions as if they were your own, making sure that you shampoo condition and style to keep the hair looking healthy and brand new every time you wear it. Hair extensions can be just as time consuming as taking care of your own tresses but you do it because you know that healthy hair is your number one priority. Ensuring that you invest in your investment is nothing to be ashamed of.

No-one should ever make you feel bad about your style and the choices you make when it comes to your hair. However even more importantly you should never feel bad or self conscious about your own style, the way you choose to wear your hair is part of who you are and is just a reflection of your personality and what you might be feeling that day. Wearing hair extensions is not shameful, it is just a choice, it is your choice!

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