How to Avoid Hair Extensions Tangling And Matting

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on February 26 2019

How to Avoid Hair Extensions Tangling And Matting

One of the worst things that could happen to a fresh install of hair extensions is matting and or tangling after one or two weeks of wear and normal manipulation.  Below are seven tips that can be used as you take care of your hair to help with the reduction of these annoying characteristics:

1. Keep the hair clean by washing at least once a week with warm water. Washing hair extensions should be done carefully with the use of a mild shampoo or a sulfate free shampoo that does not cause dryness and lead to further tangles. Conditioners along with a wide tooth comb can be very useful in detangling the hair. Try to avoid conditioners that heavily laden with silicones that cause further buildup on the hair.

2. Leave in conditioners are great for refreshing extensions especially curly ones however, applying too much can also lead to buildup which is a recipe for matting and tangles. One great DIY leave in conditioner is simply using your favorite ‘regular’ conditioner and dilute it with distilled water. Again, if there is buildup, just shampoo!

3. Sweat and chemicals from workouts and swimming will almost always cause matting and tangling. After the gym or a day at the pool, wash extensions immediately removing all buildup and chemicals that may cause dryness. Exposure to chorine can wreak havoc on extensions; try wearing a swimming cap to avoid excessive exposure to chlorine.

4. Avoid washing extensions by rubbing and moving the hair up and around and never pile your hair on top of your head. This movement will only cause excessive tangling during the cleaning process. Instead; use your hands in a smoothing motion from top to bottom of the extension in one direction. Apply the product in the same manner smoothing and squeezing the hair gently and allow the stream of water from the shower head to naturally detangle  the hair.

5. Make things easier in the shower by sectioning the hair when washing. Using the sectioning technique allows for easy product application and keeps tangles at bay during the cleaning process. Once each section is complete braid, twist or pin the section to keep it out of the way

6. Never go to sleep with the hair wet – sleeping with wet hair especially curly hair is a guaranteed recipe for frizz and matting. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that the hair is dry, sectioned and braided. (NB/ Braiding is not recommended for all hair types) Another necessity would be a satin pillowcase that prevents the hair from rubbing and does not dry out the hair.

7. Another excellent idea is to wear your extensions pinned up in an updo from time to time. You will find that tangling is most likely to occur at the nape area so pinning your hair up will eliminate the problem. You will find however that if you use quality virgin indian hair extensions, you will have very little tangling to begin with so spend wisely!

What are your tips for the prevention of tangling and matting?

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