A Few Tips On How To Keep Brazilian Hair Extensions Looking At Its Best

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on December 04 2019

For most ladies looking to remain stylish, beautiful and outstanding, Hair extensions have been part of their day to day lives. These artificial hair integrations are installed and styled whichever way they want to. Another significant use of hair extensions has been to help those suffering from hair loss or thinning.


There are two types of Hair integrations available namely: synthetic and real human hair.
For Synthetic hair, they are produced using artificial fibers. Thus they are least costly, but most of the time look unnatural as well as lose the sheen of your hair-do. This is why most women prefer real human hair like the popular Brazilian hair extensions. These hair integrations are produced using natural human hair, and an advantage is that they last very long if they are taken great care of. Below are a couple of tips on how to keep brazilian hair extensions looking at it best:
Avoid using alcohol based products on hair
* Avoid using alcohol based products: don’t use any alcohol-based products on your Brazilian hair extensions. This is because alcohol can make your extensions dry and tangled. Dry Brazilian hair extensions are prone to get matted and will fall off while combing them. Therefore, you should use recommended mild hair products to keep your extensions moisture maintained.
Wash hair using a good shampoo
* Wash them using a good shampoo: washing Brazilian hair extensions is a must, and it should be carried out at least once every week to get rid of any dirt, or cosmetic product build up. Remember to be very selective about the shampoo you are using because most of them have a high pH balance. This can dry your hair leaving it prone to tangling. Only use shampoos that either have a balanced pH or are designed for Brazilian hair extensions.
* Conditioning: hair extensions don’t get essential moisturizing to keep them soft and silky. Therefore, you should use a deep conditioner specially formulated for human hair extensions after every wash. You can also use an anti-frizz spray to keep them moisturized throughout the week.
* Use wide tooth comb: hair like Malaysian hair and Brazilian are very expensive and, therefore, you should avoid pulling them while combing the hair. It can affect the hair weaving, causing the hair to fall. That’s why it’s recommended that one uses a wide tooth comb to detangle hair integrations. If they are too much tangled, then spray some anti-frizz.

In conclusion, you should note that human hair extensions are quite popular in the style and fashion world Due to their increasing popularity, Brazilian hair extensions are being bought to enhance the looks and general appearance of ladies. Most of the women who are turning towards these hair extensions are the ones who are not endowed with beautiful hair or maybe suffering from hair loss / thinning.

Artificial hair extensions vary in their qualities and price but the care and maintenance regime is similar in all of them. So ensure you take very good care of your Brazilian hair extensions using the tips outlined above if you want it to keep looking at it best.

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