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Posted on April 09 2019


Ladies always hesitate to choose Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair or Indian hair when they purchasing their hair. Each kind of hair is high quality and hot popular. We buy hair extensions a lot but do we really know the difference between Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair and Indian hair? I think most of ladies would say "No", so I am going to share some knowledge about them and help you choose the right hair extensions.


Brazilian hair

Every lady is crazy about Brazilian hair, and it’s the most popular hair type on the market. Brazilian hair is known for its lasting texture, nice bouncy, full healthy hair and versatility. For straight hair, body wave hair and curly hair texture, all are available. The straight texture is not very straight, will have a little light wavy when you wash after 3-4 times. The wavy and curly texture will be held a very long time with taking good care than Peruvian and Malaysian hair.


Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair becomes more and more popular from 2012, especially among black beauties. Peruvian hair is more straight and thicker than Brazilian hair, at the same time it’s little coarser in texture. It can be made into both African-American hair textures and Caucasian hair textures as. So Peruvian hair is very durable and versatile, can make any hair texture and can be straightened, curled, ironed and dyed to any color with beautiful looking. Even though Peruvian hair is lightweight, it can offer high volume and looks very natural for women. This means ladies can use few Peruvian hair to make full and natural looking wig, if you love long hair, Peruvian hair bundles can also make a whole head lace front wig. In a word, Peruvian hair is thicker, lightweight and groovy, all kind of hair texture are available. Peruvian hair bundles are very silky, and Peruvian body wave, loose wave, kinky curly lasting a long span life.


Indian Hair

In India, people usually supply their long hair to Indian temple for free, that’s why it’s also called Indian temple hair. Indian hair is durable and natural, the quality of raw Indian unprocessed hair is very good, can be bleached, ironed and dyed to any color including highlight color 613 and color 60. Indian hair tends to dry all kinds of beautiful wavy and can be curled and straightened very easy. Real Indian hair with little wavy, looks like the hair is growing on your own scalp.


In fact, whatever Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair or other hair types like Malaysian hair is it, will be very good quality if it’s 100% virgin hair. The hair quality just divided into non-remy hair, remy hair and virgin hair, like Indian non-remy hair, Indian remy hair, Indian virgin hair.


For non-remy hair and remy hair, the raw material is natural shedding from ladies then collecting from floor and bathroom, so the hair isn’t healthy, and since the hair cuticles are two directions, factory must let them with one direction to ensure the hair is tangle free. For non-remy hair, it’s treat by high acid to kill the hair cuticles, and the hair will be very thin and easy to break after the chemical treatment, so the span life of non-remy hair is short. For remy hair, manufacturers use a special machine to let the hair cuticles become same direction, but it’s not 100%, the same direction rate is about 85% to 95%, then they use light acid to keep all the hair direction. So the hair cuticles are keeping intact, and the hair will last a long time.

And for the virgin hair, it is the highest quality hair. Unprocessed virgin hair cutting directing from young girls, the raw hair is very healthy and thick, so all the hair cuticles are keeping intact, unprocessed virgin hair without chemical process, the lifespan is far higher than non-remy hair and remy hair. 

In any case, when we buy hair extensions, don’t care the hair is Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair or other hair, just focus on whether the hair is virgin hair or not, then take attention to the following questions:

  • The hair is 100% real human hair without mixed
  • Double Stitch Wefts
  • Hair is “Remy” or “Virgin” with cuticles facing the same direction
  • Can be dyed to Crazy color
  • Double drawn or Single drawn but also very full
  • Net weight is 100 Gram



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