If You Have EVER Worn A Lace Wig, You Need To Read This.

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on April 10 2019

If You Have EVER Worn A Lace Wig, You Need To Read This.

So, if all of these ladies are wearing Lace Wigs with no adhesive, what’s causing the breakage?

The answer is simple. The hair is not being protected and depending on the type of lace being used, it could be strong enough to break the clients hair off around the edges and in the front near the fringe.

What’s the best way to combat this?

By simply wearing a wig cap or stocking cap prior to attaching the Lace Wig.

This will help protect the hair underneath the wig. It’s also important to ensure you’re shampooing and conditioning the hair on a regular basis.

Just doing these few things will help preserve the integrity of your hair if you’re wearing a Lace Wig with or without adhesives.

Also using Dr. Miracles Temple Balm is not a bad idea if you’re thinning in those areas. I used this product myself and it worked wonders for my hair.

Another favorite of mine is Nioxin. I’ve seen this product work for so many of my clients. It’s a great product that promotes growth for thinning.

This was just another tid bit of information to help you out!

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