Fabulous Ideas for Your Curly Virgin Hair Weave

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on November 05 2019

A virgin hair weave can certainly make any hairstyle more fantastic. The extra volume and length, plus the lustrous quality of human hair extensions can turn any drab hair day into a spectacular one where you’re bound to turn a few heads. You can play around with various styles and wear your gorgeous locks on any occasion from day to night.

When you have naturally curly hair or an afro, get a curly-textured Malaysian hair weave from the reliable stores like Zeena Hair. These established businesses ensure that you get Remy human hair, which is the finest quality of hair extensions. The cuticles are not stripped off, and the strands are arranged in a unidirectional manner. Aside from not being treated with any chemicals, these virgin hair weaves generally last longer and retain their desirable qualities.

Additionally, you can style the human hair extensions as you would natural hair. You can use straightening or curling irons, hair dyes and sprays or solutions from time to time to make them look even better. Check out these three super fun and fabulous style ideas you can try with your curly hair weave:

Bouncy and Beautiful

Frame your face with big, soft and flowing curls. You can wear this versatile style—which suits any face shape—for casual days out, work and even some parties or special dinners. If you’re going to use a curling wand to achieve large, bouncy spirals or redefine the curls in your extensions, be sure to spray some heat protection solutions first on your strands. Set the hairstyle with some hairspray or mousse.

Work Chic and Wonderfully Polished

Channel your inner Michelle Obama and take your professional world by storm with a sophisticated hairdo. Use a blow dryer or a flat hair iron to straighten your curly locks. Again, be generous with the heat protective spray, and don’t repeat it often since you can lose the curly pattern of your extensions (just like how natural hair responds to heat styling).

Romantic Plaits and Ribbons of Color

Get your nimble hands ready and braid away! Plait your hair in a messy fishtail and set it on one of your shoulders. This is another feminine and face-framing style that works for any occasion. You can also use braids to retrain your straightened extensions back to their curly patterns. You can also get hair highlights or use some hair chalk for playful streaks of color.

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