Hair Feathers Are A Great Accessory With Hair Extensions

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on March 05 2019

Hair Feathers Are A Great Accessory With Hair Extensions

Hair feathers are one of the hottest looks many women are turning to these days simply because they’re a true fashion statement that gets attention! This unique hair accessory comes in a wide selection colors and patterns which can add glamour to your hair and make you look stunning.

Hair feathers are usually real feathers which are later on dyed to produce more specific color mixes and patterns to make them more visually appealing. You can choose from different lengths depending on how long or short your hair is. But what’s best about these colorful and playful accessories is that they are usually long lasting and can easily attach to your existing hair extensions with micro link beads. This makes it easy for you to quickly detach them when you need to change up your hairstyle or to wash your hair.

The installation of hair feathers is not a complicated process; in fact it only takes a few minutes. There are actually hair feathers tools which are used for this process. So, if you’re considering adding hair feathers to your hair extensions follow these helpful tips to make your hair look that much better!

Tip 1: After gently combing your extension, pick a few strands from one area of your hair and combine them with the hair feather using the micro-link bead. Press the bead using the necessary tool and voila, everything is in place! Do note however that the top side of the hair feathers is usually darker than the inner side, so consider this when trying to attain the perfect look for your hair. You should also be sure to place your hair feather in such a way that it follows the flow of your hair. This ensures that your hair appears evenly aligned with no tense edges.

Tip 2: Once you decide to adopt this new hair style trend, it is important to know how to wear them correctly. If you just place your hair feathers any which way in your hair, you will end up looking like you were fighting with hens! And I know you don’t want that look!

So, just so you can avoid looking a little lost in this trend, here are a few more tips to guide you along:

Feathers can be wide or skinny. The skinnier the hair feather, the better it will look in your hair extensions. The skinny feather naturally blends into your hair perfectly. One thing you need to realize is that once you have installed the feather in your hair, you will not be able to change your hair style unless you choose to take out the feathers altogether for a new hairstyle. It’s actually best to style your hair first and then add your feathers to ensure you achieve your intended style. So remember to pick a style which you know will make you comfortable and want to keep for an extended period of time before you can choose where to place your hair feathers.

To gain the perfect look, it’s best not to overdo it with feathers. I would advise on using three feathers at most. Consider using one long skinny feather, a short and wider one and another stripped feather of your choice.

As you may or may not already know, hair feathers can be worn on any hair length. The difference will depend on how you wear it. People with shorter hair (3-5 inches in length) can wear their hair in a forward manner and have the feather placed in a forward position so that their feather is visible in their hair. A trimmed feather can also be a perfect choice when it comes to short hair. Long hair on the other hand can actually look even more fabulous with hair feathers simply because the feathers flow with the hair that much better and add a new dimension to a long hairstyle.

These feathers can be bought in fishing stores at a discounted price or online. But you can also get them at your local salon where you plan to have them installed. But just remember, your salon will use an inflated price since they are now a trendy accessory. In any event, be sure to pick a hair feather that will blend in perfectly with your hair color and style. Consider feathers for your new look this season!

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