A Breakdown of Different Methods of Installing Extensions – The Glue-In, Fusion And Clip-In Methods

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on March 19 2019

A Breakdown of Different Methods of Installing Extensions –  The Glue-In, Fusion And Clip-In Methods

In part one of this article we discussed two methods of weave installation – the sew-in/braid method and the tape-in extension method. Now, I’d like to discuss a few other very popular methods you can use for adding weave extensions to your hair.

Glue-in Weave – This quick method takes only a couple of hours and uses bonded glue specifically formulated to work well with human hair and skin in order to avoid damage. The natural hair is parted horizontally across the head and the long hair extension weft is held along the part and placed on the hair and then glued into place. Like the tape-in hair extension method, this method is also very quick. However, if you are more of a natural gal’ perhaps the sew-in weave extension or clip-in is a better option.

Caution: If you use glue-in extensions for too long and continue to apply new extensions with this method without giving your hair a rest, this can result in thinning of the hair. Although extension styles can be glamorous, use caution. Give your hair a break in between extension sessions. Wear your own hair for a while to allow your scalp to breath and to give your hair a break from the added weight of hair extensions. Remember, with anything in life do it in moderation.

Clip-in Weave  The clip in weave is extremely versatile because it allows you to incorporate your hair along with the clip-in weave extensions, giving you a very natural look with very little time invested into installation. This method uses clips that lock into place with your natural hair. It’s advised to style your hair to match the texture of the clip-in extensions that you are using. So, if you have curly hair, but want to go for a straight look, it’s best to straighten your hair first. Once your hair is straightened, clip-in each extension piece ensuring that the length is consistent to your hair’s natural length. Clip-in extensions are great at adding more fullness to your hair not to mention being a quick and easy style to do yourself at home. This type of extension is an inexpensive choice because you don’t need a salon stylist to install it for you. You can do it yourself and create a look that’s all your own! Hair extensions are a great way to alter your natural look.

Fusion Hair Extensions – Fusion hair extensions are basically hair extensions with a substance on the end that looks similar to a clear plastic which is actually a keratin protein bond. It uses heat to bond it to the hair strand-by-strand. So some strands of hair are taken and fused together with the fusion hair extension. This is very popular with celebrities as it looks very natural and lasts for up to 4 months. Of course, if your hair grows quickly, you will want to remove them sooner so that the fusion stays close to the scalp for a more natural and undetectable extension weave. Taking down fusion hair extensions should always be done by a qualified stylist because like glue in’s there is the possibility of hair breakage if not taken down correctly.

With so many weave installation methods available, there is no reason not to consider wearing them. In order to know what type of weave extension method is right for you, evaluate your lifestyle, how much money you choose to spend as well as the time you plan to invest. Some patience is needed when applying hair extensions –whether you do-it-yourself or have a stylist do it. So, if you want a new look, extensions are a great way to do it with style!

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