How To Blend Clip-In Hair Extensions if you Have Thin Hair

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on February 25 2019

How To Blend Clip-In Hair Extensions if you Have Thin Hair

Having thin hair is a fun spoiler for some women that want to enjoy wearing extensions. Well, there is no reason you can’t have fun while keeping those locks exactly where you want them to be and, of course, out of sight! Today, you will find out the secrets to wearing hair extensions exactly as you want!

Step #1: Create a solid base for the Remy hair extensions

To blend with your natural hair seamlessly, the weft needs a thick and firm base that will help prevent slippage and tugging on your hair. So, tease your roots of the section that the extensions will be clipped on (you can use a backcomb). This will also help secure the weft in place.

However, before you do that, it’s critical you find a spot on the head that is safe enough for the Remy hair to clip on without be seen. For fine hair, that “safe zone” is the area below the eyebrows.

Step #2: Play around!

This is when you need to decide what positioning suits you best. Since none of us have the exact same head size or shape or hair type with another person, it’s important to play around with the extensions. There is no right or wrong way to go, really. You only need to make sure the wefts don’t peek through the top of your head.

Note: If you feel your head is okay with just a few wefts, then don’t struggle to use them all. Chances are you don’t need them all so just decide on the sequence that best works for you and use only those.

Step #3: Match your crown with the rest of the hair

The feeling of volume the moment you clip in those virgin hair extensions is unbeatable! Your hair should probably look thicker and, of course, longer by now. The only thing left to be done to reach perfection is to tease your crown a bit so that your head doesn’t look that it has more hair at the bottom than the top. This is particularly noticeable in women with thin hair. Add some volume and enjoy a total voluminous look!

Step#4: Layer them!

This is a must-do, especially if your own hair is layered. Have a professional add layers to your extensions and you will instantly see a huge difference! If you want to get them cut, the best way to go around is to clip them into your hair and then go on with the haircut. In this case, numbering the wefts is a good idea, so you always know which one goes where for future uses.

Final Tips:

1. You should always purchase extensions specifically designed for thinner hair so that they can blend with your natural hair seamlessly and give the desired length and volume (more on how to choose the right type of Indian hair extensions, here).

2. Although Remy hair extensions look stunning with straight hair, they do look more natural with curled or wavy styles. For thin hair, these styles are much more preferred as they add extra volume. Learn how to have a gorgeous curled style, here!

3. Prefer Indian Remy hair extensions as they are of supreme quality and fit almost all hair styles and types.

4. Always use the right products for your extensions. And, don’t forget that with proper care, you can have them for long and amaze the crowds!

How do you wear your extensions? Have you found another way to wear them with fine hair and look amazing? Share with us, please! We are all ears!

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