The BEST Hair Color for your Skin Tone!

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on February 25 2019

The BEST Hair Color for your Skin Tone!

Undecided, finding the perfect hair color is tricky. However, the best way to tackle this issue is by considering your skin tone and today we’ll be sharing lots of useful information to help you identify your skin tone and choose the best color for your hair!

How to Figure out your Skin Tone

Most people fall into either cool or warm tones. One way to find out yours is to wash your face and hold a red or yellow piece of paper against your clean face in a room with plenty of natural light. Then, a green, white, blue or silver. Which piece of paper flatters your skin the most? If your skin looks better with the red or yellow piece of paper, you are probably warm-toned. If any of the other shades flatter your skin, you are in the cool family.

Picking the Best Hair Color

The secret is in looking at the skin’s undertones, which, by the way, change year-round even if you don’t have a tan. For example, olive skins have green undertones and look great with red-leaning shades. Cool icy blondes, violet reds, and mocha browns are perfect for a person with red undertones. Finally, women with a darker skin tone should go after contrast. This means no dark blondes and medium browns.

Eye color is also critical. For instance, if you have blue eyes, copper tones will look smashing on you. Also, cool silver blonde complements blondes a great deal, especially if they have cool skin tone and blur or green eyes.

As for brunettes, cool chestnut shades with icy-browned highlights of babylights are perfect. For those with olive skin and brown hair, sticking with an espresso tint (and not shades that match their skin tone) will add contrast to their darker complexion.

Finally, redheads are now moving away from bold reds and prefer warmer and softer tones, such as rose-gold shades that add dimension and create a deeper (and richer) hue.

Best Hair Colors for Cool-Tones Ladies (see Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian):

  • Chocolate browns

  • Honey almond browns

  • Orangish reds

Best Hair Colors for Warm-Tones Ladies (see Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, and Kate Middleton):

  • Cool dark brunette

  • Champagne Blonde

  • Ask brown

  • Dark Red

Women with Fair Skin

There are also ladies with fair skin. In this case, the lighter the tone of your skin, the paler you are free to go with your hair. This means that honey, strawberry blond, and butterscotch hues are ideal for you as they play up your complexion’s peachiness and give your warm-toned face a nice, soft glow. If you have a cool skin, champagne blond, flaxen, and platinum (or any other blue-based shade) will do a great job flattering your complexion.

Women with Dark Skin

What you need in this case is to dye your hair a color that’s not close to your skin tone. Otherwise, your features will disappear. That said, inky black and deep, dark espresso tones look amazing next to blue-based complexions. If you have warm skin, go for rich, warm colors, such as toffee, mahogany, and maple brown to highlight the apricot undertones in your skin.

Now that you’ve got your skin tone figured out, you can use your favorite Remy hair extensions, style them, color them, and create the hairdo of your dreams quite effortlessly! And, if you want some more insider’s tips about selecting the best hair color based on the shape of your face, we’ve also got you covered! Finally, we also have some fantastic wedding hairstyles for long, medium, and short hair with high-quality Indian virgin hair extensions! YES, we love you THAT much!

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