How to Dip Dye your Indian Hair Extensions at Home with 3 Gorgeous Styles

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on February 27 2019

How to Dip Dye your Indian Hair Extensions at Home with 3 Gorgeous Styles

                              How to Dip Dye your Indian Hair Extensions at Home with 3 Gorgeous Styles


Dip-dyed tips is a huge trend right now and a must-have summer look many modern girls have adopted already! However, instead of changing a fab new hair color, you can skip all the trouble and damage caused to the hair by simply trying Remy hair extensions. Just pick the set that best suits you and dye the extensions yourself at home! Today, we’ll be sharing some tips to help you revamp your style with three fresh, new, easy-to-handle hair color styles that will turn you into the focus of street!

The Prep Phase

What you need is some basic knowledge and, of course, the appropriate tools to dye your Indian hair extensions. To begin with, get yourself a set of either 22- or 23-inch extensions that can be re-dyed, if necessary, so you can create lots of different styles in the future. But, you can choose any other length you desire to bring the results you wish. Then, purchase:

  • An applicator brush

  • A bowl

  • Latex gloves

  • Foil or paper towel

  • A white conditioner

  • The color of choice (see this season’s hair color trends for inspiration!)

The Dying Phase #1: Single-Color Hair Dying

1. Mix the conditioner with the selected hair color in the bowl. The amount of conditioner to use depends on how light you want the color to be and the amount of strands you are coloring. To make sure the color is the hue you want, test it on the foil or paper towel.

2. Brush the Remy hair extensions with a comb and apply the color. Make sure it’s evenly applied and that the hair is covered with it completely. Allow to stay for 15-20 minutes (or the time indicated by the color manufacturer) and then rinse gently with plain, cool water (no shampoo yet).

3. Let the extensions air-dry or blow-dry them and you are done! Enjoy your new style with trendy teal greens, lake blues, lavender purples, pastel pinks or any color you fancy!

The Dying Phase #2: Rainbow-Color Hair Dying

The steps are basically the same as with single-color dying. However, since you want to play with lots of different colors, you will have to separate the Indian virgin hair extensions into small wisps and dye each one with a different color. That way, you can create highlights of the shades you love and wear a kaleidoscope of colors that amazes the crowds. And, don’t think that the final result will be too eye-popping. As the extensions blend with your own hair, you will have an absolutely admirable rainbow hairstyle that speaks of your frisky nature!

The Dying Phase #3: The Ombre Effect

This is a much more difficult procedure than the other two, although the steps are similar. Color proportion should be taken into great consideration if you want to get natural ombre effect. Even though you can achieve the ombre look at home, you can always have a professional stylist work their miracles on you!

Having said that, to dye the hair at home, you should:

1. Prepare two colors. One the same as your natural hair and the one you want to have.

2. Brush your extensions gently with a comb and apply the first color (your natural hair color) evenly. Let it process the hair for about 20 mins and then rinse well in lukewarm water (no shampoo yet). Please note that you should avoid creating a visible line against the other color you have chosen. For that reason, tamper the color down. Also, try not to stain the rest of the hair by holding the extensions you color upside down.

3. Dry the Remy hair extensions well with a towel and start dying them with the second color. Use some of the color you have mixed with the conditioner and mix it with some of the second color you want to have. Work your way with it from 2/3 of your length to the ends. Dye the ends with the lighter color.

4. Wait for 20 minutes and rinse out the extensions. Dry and wear them as you please!


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