3 Date Night Hairstyles with Remy Hair Extensions

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on February 28 2019

3 Date Night Hairstyles with Remy Hair Extensions

Wearing Remy hair extensions is an undeniable asset for every woman that wants longer, more voluminous hair and a boost in confidence. What better way to draw all eyes on you than with long luscious locks? One of the issues that concern many women with extensions going on a date is whether the new mate will be scared away. They just need their hairstyles to look natural. Can they get that? Of course!

Clip in or fusion virgin hair extensions can slip at any moment, so you do have something to worry about unless you create a solid base for the extensions to be clipped in. If you wear tape in hair extensions (they are super thin), then you probably already know that these wefts are undetectable and unnoticeable. Besides that, tape ins are among the most versatile types of hair extensions, allowing you to create several different looks.

That aside, with so much more hair to work with, the sky is the limit! Just use your imagination and create your own unique look. Of course, you can start by trying some fantastic, trendy looks we have put together for you that require no particular styling expertise to create! As for tonight’s date night, here are three sexy and totally extension-friendly hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous!

1. Sexy loose curls!

What every woman needs is to fashion a look that doesn’t scream “I tried too hard”. So, some sassy loose curls will give you an instant boost and the confidence you need, plus a perfect balance of sexy and carefree hair. It is an excellent look if you have planned a dinner out but can practically accompany you in every night endeavor with your new partner. Just curl both your natural hair and your virgin Indian hair extensions in tight curls and spray with some hairspray (flexible hold). As you are getting dressed and putting your makeup on the curls will sit tight but right before you are about to get out the door, make sure you break the curls apart (use only your fingers) and spray some more hairspray.

Want to define curls in kinky curly or deep wave hair extensions?

Feel free to browse our blog. There are LOTS more fantastic ideas to style your lovely extensions!

2. Large loose braid!

Most women will have their hair down on a night out with their other half. You can make the difference with a more creative hairdo. Go for a fishtail braid to show your beautiful facial features and reveal another side of yourself; a more romantic or girlie, perhaps?

To achieve the look, start by creating a high ponytail. If you have chosen to wear tape-in virgin hair extensions, then both your own hair and extensions can be pulled up to create a ponytail as the extensions won’t show. For clip-ins, you will have to be more careful. Create a large fishtail and ensure you pull it loose at the end. If you find it a bit difficult to handle on your own, you can ask a stylist to help you out with this chic braid!

3. Straight and simple!

If you want to look more the girl next door and only want clean straight hair to look fab, then blown out long hair is a hairstyle that you can never go wrong with. You only need to wash and blow your Remy hair extensions out just as you’d do with your own hair. If you have been having and wearing your extensions for some months, it’s a good idea to use a hair mask to restore their shine and give some much-needed hydration. It is not a WOW look, but it’s perfect for low-key nights out!

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