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Posted on April 25 2019

How to prepare your needle and thread

The type of needle you want is called a looper or crossover needle. This needle is very useful for woven stitching, because as long as you woven the needle under the braid, it is removed directly from the braid because of its shape. In addition, you must ensure your sewing thread to ensure that your sewing thread is very close to or perfectly matched to the color of your sewing thread. The reason you want to match your thread to your extension is to make sure that if you can see through your hair, you shouldn't see it and you won't see light lines. You also need some hairdressing scissors.

Cut a length of approximately 48 inches (121.9 cm) and extend one end through the eyes of the curved needle. Pass the thread through until the sides have the same amount, then you only need to take two pieces and wrap it around your fingers to form a knot. Pick up your scissors and trim directly above the knot.

How to sew your wig cap

Next, I will show you how to put the wig cap on your head. Now that you have the needle and thread ready, you want to wear a wig cap and place it directly on the raft. Open your wig cap and make sure it is stretched over your head until the cap covers all the lice, including your surrounding braid.

Next we sew our needles and threads on our wigs to our scorpions. Start sewing with our needles and threads. Use both hands to accurately feel the position of the surrounding weave, as well as the bottom of the actual invisible part.

So now that your finger is at the beginning of your surrounding weave, we will start sewing the wig cap to our scorpion. I will go through the hat at the beginning of my peripheral weaving and then through the hat. Once you do this, you will pull the needle over and pull the rope all the way to your knot. Stop you. Once you get to this point, you will open a little bit to open the thread, now this is the technique we will tie knots, you just need to take one side of the string, wrap the needle around it twice and then pass. This will form a solid knot at the bottom of my scorpion. Continue sewing so that when you sew around the surrounding weave, you will end at the beginning of your other perimeter weave.

This is where you want to start sewing around your invisible part to connect to this knot again. I started on the right side, I started to sew around my hairline around my head and still came back on the left until I reached the end of my original weaving. Now these two little scorpions are in front of you as the basis for the parts you can't see. This will be the end result and the scalp revealed by these miniature braids along the way, and we will expand them to form an invisible part. Sewing the cap and creating an invisible part, then cut a small opening to help you cut the hat next to the visible part.

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