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Posted on April 25 2019

Brazilian full lace wig

Lace wig has durability and light weight, and it is popular with wig wearers. Appropriate applications will help you achieve the look you want.

1.Make your hair as flat as possible

Please make your hair as flat as possible. If you are thick or long, you need to knead your hair back. If your hair is short, you can wear a wig cap that flattens your lock.

2.Put a lace wig on your head

When your natural hair flattened, you need to place the wig on your head and cut the extra race in the same shape as the natural hairline. Do not cut the race completely straight. This creates a fake moon shaped hairline. Use scissors to create a small zigzag.

3.Fix the lace wig

Most glueless lace wigs are combing back and forth. Please fix the comb on your hair, adjust the back strap and fit snugly. To verify that the race is properly positioned, move the front of the race from one side to the other. You can also reinforce security by sewing some parts of the wig to natural hair using threads and needles.
Please adhere the wig in your temple to achieve a natural appearance hairline (not over your forehead). Put the wig on your head. Using a nude eyeliner pencil, trace the part around the race you want to glued. Please do not put adhesive on your hair or unmarked part. Always follow the instructions on how to apply the adhesive. Place your wig on glue or race and push it down. Wait approximately 30 minutes before combing or brushing.
If you need a hair line that looks natural, please keep this in mind.

4.Use tweezers

If the hair line is too thick, use tweezers to pull out the hair strand. Pull out one strand at a time. Extract strands from random sections of each section. Because there is a possibility that it leads to an exaggerated place, please do not pull out to the straight line. For each of the several strands, with tweezers down, check if the hairline has improved. I will leave a portion of your baby 's hair in the front of your wig.

5.How to realize a long lasting lace wig

To properly care for your race wigs, hair laps, shampoos, pillow cases, rakes and conditioners you need five tools. Conditioners and shampoos are important in protecting natural hair oils. Besides washing your wig, you also want to style it. That is where you can use the rake. Combs and brushes exert excessive pressure on your hair, which may cause it to fall off or break. Using picks and rakes will greatly reduce the pressure on the knots as well as the hair while styling the wig. Your race wig surely lasts long. If you are sleeping in a wig, please use hair lapping. This reduces the friction of the wig. You can also use a pillowcase. Pillow case must be the same material as rap.

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