Innovated Glueless Lace Front Cap & Full Lace Cap

Alex Swan

Posted on February 03 2020

Years of experience in wigs industry enables us to satisfy our customers’ needs and force us to do better.

To cater all customers’ cap construction needs, our skilled craftsmen have made a variety of cap bottoms.

We have recently launched 2 new kinds of cap constructions: 4″ glueless lace front cap and  6″  glueless full lace cap that both can ensure deep parting without glue.

Improved new glueless lace front cap

Normally the lace part line of glueless lace front cap is 3.5″. And it is inaccessible to do side part.

Considering the increasing needs of natural look and wigs’ versatility, we lengthen the part line to 4″ and enlarge the parting area to the end of eyes, making deeper side part available.


Improved new glueless full lace cap

People who come to glueless full lace cap pursue its convenience,versatility and natural feature.

This improvement about full lace wigs not only expand the part length but the front lace area.

It brings more deeper visible part line as showed on below :

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