Some things u must know about hair weaving!

Alex Swan

Posted on February 03 2020

In order to get more better looks and give their own hair break, Now more and more ladies do hair weaving, this can make their hair more fullness and give more choices on styles, but there are some things u must know before u start your hair weaving:

  1. 100% human hair is always the best choice, don’t use synthetic hair, that will make your own hair brittle and will irritate your scalp. For hair type, u can consider 100% Brazilian virgin or Malaysian virgin hair.
  2. Give your hair deep condition before start the weaves, wash your hair carefully and put hair conditioner on, then put a plastic cap on head for 30 minutes to make your hair rinsed.
  3. Use a weaving net, u can sew the tracks onto the net instead of your own hair, that will make u feel more comfortable, and will be more easy to wash the hair or remove the weaves when u want.
  4. After hair weaving sewed in, u need comb your weave daily and gently, secure it when u sleep and also don’t forget to give nourishment to your own scalp and hair.
  5. Because your own hair underneath the weave is growing, that will make your weave loose, so when u feel the weave loose, remove it, if keep it on head for very long time, it will effect the good growth of your own hair and the hair weave will also look old.

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