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Posted on February 26 2020

One of the biggest culprits of dull head hairs is excess buildup of gross shit, like products and residue. Think of it this way: Your hair can hang onto stuff like your favorite pair of black leggings. After the day is done, you've got errrythang from Hot Cheetos fingerprints to blanket lint all up in your hair. You need something to make your hair glow without breaking the bank.

That's where clarifying treatments come in. There are a couple of roads you can take to Shine Town, and one of my favorites routes is apple cider vinegar. I've used ACV for all sorts of shit, including facial toner (and as a daily drink), but we can get into all that hootenanny later. The ACV hair rinse is crazy easy; just mix equal parts ACV with water, then apply it to your hair by dumping it over your head or spritzing it on with a spray bottle after you finish shampooing. Leave it on for a few minutes, rinse, and your ass is done.

If that seems too granola for your beauty routine, don't worry. We make a great, cheap clarifying shampoo that works wonders. I recommend clarifying in whatever way works for your life once a week for normal heads, or twice a week for oily messes (i.e., me). But one word of warning: If you have very delicate hair, or fire engine dyed hair, consult a pro before doing any of this. I don't want to get any hate Hallmark cards because I ruined your hair game.


Soft and shiny hair takes a bit of effort; majority people have these hair characteristics naturally beyond the toddler years. Fortunately, it is possible to restore both softness and a shine to your hair using a whole range of treatments, If your the type of person who wants to self medicate by all means more power to you. We did all the hard work for you, we found the best natural and weave refresh products on the market and brought them to the club.Check out our hair care section so you can protect your investment. Here are a few ingredients you can use in your own home below. So even if you're on a tight budget, glossy, shiny hair is achievable.

1.Massage organic unrefined coconut oil through your dry hair. The coconut oil must be unrefined, otherwise it won't soak into your hair as it should. For the folks with an oily scalp, don't rub too much into your scalp or too close to your hairline. Our main goal is to condition our ends; the scalp is where much of our natural oils are and won't need quite as much attention. Apply coconut oil starting from the ends, then up.The amount of coconut oil you use on your hair depends on the thickness and the texture of your hair. Oily hair and scalps need less; drier hair will need more. Do not put generous amounts.
2. Wash your hair with warm water, then wrap your hair in a shower cap or towel to help contain it.
3. Keep it like that for at least thirty minutes.
4.Rinse your hair, then shampoo and condition like normal. Rinse hair with cold water. Let hair air dry or dry with a towel around it. Do not rub dry.
5. Deep Treatment with Aloe Vera and Honey.
Mix together equal parts conditioner, aloe vera gel, and honey. Aloe Vera is an excellent conditioning and rebuilding agent, and honey should add shine.
    • People with dark hair should be careful while using honey as it may also lighten your hair color.
    • Make sure to get an Aloe that does not contain harmful ingredients such as alcohol.
    • A mix of Jojoba oil (instead of Aloe Vera), honey and conditioner also works well.
  • Massage mixture through dry hair. Leave in hair for 5-10 minutes hopefully you will achieve this look.

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