Pre And Post Weave Installation Tips for Healthy Hair

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on March 05 2019

Pre And Post Weave Installation Tips for Healthy Hair

Weaves are an excellent tool for protecting and growing your real hair.  However, there are some things you should do to wear extensions safely to ensure that you aren’t damaging your hair in the process.  After all no one wants to sew hair in, only to have their real hair fall out when they remove the extensions!  So before installing:

  • Protein Treat Your Hair:  Hair is made of protein, it is what provides its strength and tensility. Since your hair will undergo a tremendous amount of manipulation to create a weave (braiding, sewing, styling), treating your hair with protein will help to fortify it so that it can withstand the process without being weakened.
  • Trim Your Ends: Whenever you are going to “hide” your hair for a while, that is put it away in a style where your hair is not accessible on a daily basis such as weaves and braids, it is always best to start with the healthiest hair possible.  Thin ends are known to lead to splitting and tangling.  Considering you will already have your share of tangles to deal with upon the removal of your weave, get rid of anything that could possibly contribute. Trim your ends and I guarantee you will regrow the lost length and more.
  • Wait Two Weeks After Chemical Usage:  Chemicals can be used safely but they do cause stress to the hair.  Relaxers, bleach, permanent coloring – it all takes its toll on your strands.  To use a chemical and turn right around and install a weave is asking for trouble.  Wait at least two weeks to allow your hair to regain strength but also for you to observe how your hair responds to the chemicals.  You never want to install weave to severely damaged hair.

Taking your weave down can be a real chore, particularly if you have adjusted to the low maintenance of a sew in weave.  It does not have to be a dreadful process however, if you just exercise a bit of patience and follow these tips.  When taking your weave down:

  • Wash and condition your hair the week before removal.  That way you are working with cleaner hair that has a good moisture level.  Your hair is going to be tremendously dirty (compared to cleaning it outside the weave) but try to cut back on that as much as you can by washing before the take down.  A great tip is to use diluted shampoo in an applicator bottle to reach your hair and scalp through the extensions.
  • Completely detangle and remove shed hair.  Nothing causing matting faster than leaving a bunch of shed hairs within your head and then jumping into the shower to wash!  Detangle as you go and use your fingers or an extra wide tooth comb to remove as much shed hair as you can.  Do not be alarmed by the amount, remember your hair has been hidden for weeks, so what you are removing is most likely completely normal.
  • Be Patient.  Take your time when cutting the thread otherwise you could snip your hair by mistake!  Unravel the braids carefully and completely.  Haphazardly fingering through the braids will leave you with more tangles than you can imagine.  Move slowly and even ask a friend to help.  When you encounter knots and tangles in your own hair, don’t just rip through them, take your time to loosen the tangles.  Don’t tackle this task if you are in a rush!

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