Tips for Creating a U-Part or 3/4 Wig

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on March 05 2019

One of the hottest trends for hair extensions is the u-part (sometimes called ¾) wig.  These units fit like full wigs with the center shaped in a ‘u’ similar to weaves so you can leave some of your hair left out to cover the tracks.

The attraction to these relatively new wigs is that they wear like sew in weaves.  So because your hair is left out as much or as little as you want in the middle (or side) and around the perimeter, blending looks more natural than a full wig or even some half wigs.

They are more convenient in some ways than a sew-ins because you can take it off and care for your hair beneath but mainly because it is less time consuming to install than a sew in.  Sure, making one initially takes a lot of time but once completed your u-part unit can be worn the same way as a sew in over and over again, without having to have a full weave installed. You save time and, for non-self installers, money!

Further to this article giving you the step by step process of creating a u part wig, here are a few extra tips to help you along.

  • Purchase a Wig Base.  There are several ways to create a u-part in and many ladies use spandex caps, but arguably the most comfortable way is to use an actual wig base which is designed for this very purpose.  Instead of having a full on cap, which can be hot and a bit restricting, wig bases are constructed of either elastic netting or elastic strips.  These bases will allow your scalp to breath and for you to even scratch an itch if the need should arise.
  • Plan ahead.  Think about how you want your tracks to lie.  Are you going to sew the wefts horizontally, u-shaped, or curved?  Pin the hair onto the wig base to see how it will look.  Use a white eyeliner if necessary to actually draw where you plan to sew the tracks.
  • Do not sew too tightly.  If you sew as if you are competing in Project Runway, chances are your stitches are too tight and too close together, which can cause the wig base to tighten and lose its elasticity.  You do not want to make the tracks loose, but don’t be over meticulous either.
  • Use quality extensions! Moreso with your wig than any other extension style, I recommend using good, quality hair extensions.  The whole purpose is to create a unit that is reusable.  You don’t want to go through all of this trouble only for your wig to be of a fabulous construction with terrible looking hair after a few weeks of wear!
  • Place wig clips strategically.  You will need security when wearing your wig, so think about the areas that will need to be held best: the area around the “u” the sides, above your ears and your nape.  However, the perimeter of your hair is also the most fragile so place your clips about a centimeter away from the edge so that you can secure your unit on stronger hair.  Also be sure to use large wig clips, preferably ones that have beveled ends so prevent tangling within your hair which will surely cause a few strands to break every time you remove your unit.

After watching a few how-to videos and following these tips, you will have the perfect faux sew-in better known as the u-part (¾) wig.  Good luck!

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