The Importance Of A Flat Base Before Sewing In A Weave

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on March 19 2019

The Importance Of A Flat Base Before Sewing In A Weave

In life, a good foundation forms the basis on which a solid structure is built and installing a weave requires the application of the same principle. The base on which your weave is sewn, is made up of your braided natural hair and it not only provides a foundation for the weave but also the determines the direction in which your weave will fall around your head and face.

These braids are popularly known as cornrows and there are myriad braid patterns that can be used as a base; your stylist would choose the most ideal pattern for your hairstyle before sewing in the tracks of your weave.

Whatever the pattern used, the cornrows should be tidily braided and lie as flat on your scalp as possible because this is essential to achieving a natural looking finish when the weave is installed; this is especially important if you are installing straight extensions. Be careful that the cornrows are not braided so tightly that they pull your own hair out from the roots.

Essentially,  you don’t want to look like a bald headed eagle when you take the weave out so if you feel that your stylist is braiding your hair too tightly speak up and rescue your follicles. It’s no a laughing matter that overly-tight cornrows are actually a leading cause of alopecia in black women.

Apart from a flat base providing the “anchor” for your weave, it also ensures that you get maximum wear from your weave and provides the foundation for weave maintenance such as washing, drying and general styling. When you wash your weave be particularly careful not to attack the base. Using your finger tips, reach down gently into the base and rub not scrub.

The same thing applies when your scalp gets a little itchy, and it will, scratch gently with a rat tail comb or other pointy implement. Do not launch a scratch attack with all ten fingers, you’ll end up looking like you have road kill on your head (not a good look). Alternatively, there are various hair products you could use to alleviate your itchy scalp, just ensure that they won’t affect your weave adversely.

The natural process of new hair growth and constant styling will cause the cornrows to become looser with time  and as a result it will no longer provide the required support for your weave. At this point it would be a good idea to consider taking out the weave and having a new one installed. A friend tweeted these wise words recently, “Girls, if I can see your tracks it’s time for you to depart from that weave”.

Bear in mind however that if you intend to install a curly or wavy weave, your stylist may use a braid pattern that is not entirely flat. He may do this to give the style the illusion of volume or simply to achieve a certain kind of finish.

The base of your hair will not (should NEVER) be visible through your weave but it plays a crucial role to how your hairstyle appears and how long it lasts.

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