The Purpose of Hair Nets When Wearing A Weave

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on March 19 2019

The Purpose of Hair Nets When Wearing A Weave

Using hair nets when installing a weave is one of the best ways to protect your hair from damage from the pulling of the thread while sewing it in. The pulling and tightening action of the needle and thread can sometimes cause breakage to your natural hair if proper care is not used.

The hair net is extremely important if you cherish your natural tresses even while you wear a weave. The way that it is used is the net is placed on your head directly over your cornrow braids. Then the hair extension weave tracks are sewn directly to the net only occasionally sewing directly onto your cornrow braid. This protects your hair from much of the stress or pulling caused by the thread. It also gives your hair an added layer of protection and secures the weave better on your head.

Because the net allows for tracks to be sewn where there may not be a cornrow underneath, you are able to braid your cornrows going straight back which is both easier and also accepted as being the flattest braiding pattern for a weave. This gives a more natural appearance to your new extension hairstyle.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a hair net when deciding to wear hair extensions is that it provides complete versatility. You no longer have to worry about where to part your hair, your cornrow braids showing, imbalance of braid placement, lumpy hair, scalp issues or anything else. The fact that you are sewing the weave hair directly to your hair net, allows you to sew in your weave in any direction you want!

This gives you complete freedom with your new hairstyle! You will be able to be as creative as possible with your hairstyle and the lack of lumps makes your new extension weave feel more natural – as if it’s growing from your head!

Another great advantage of wearing hair nets is that you’re not confined to one way of cornrow braiding your own hair. When wearing a hair net, you can choose to either braid your hair horizontally or in a circle, it does not matter. Since the braids will be completely covered anyway, their purpose becomes simply to add extra security for your extensions to be sewn-in.

Here Are Some Extra Tips for Purchasing & Wearing Your Hair Net:

Opt for a soft quality hair net that uses “breathable” fabric. The last thing you want is a hair net that scratches your skin or does not allow for some air flow. You want a quality fabric to be used. If that means spending a bit more money, then it’s worth it! Remember, you’re trying to protect your hair with this protective style, not damage it!

Also, it’s best to purchase a hair net closest to the color of your hair. After all, you want to look as though your new hair extensions are growing from your head. So, if your hair is black why not purchase a black hair net for a more natural look.

If you have been disappointed in the past with a shoddy weave that was way to lumpy and didn’t really cover your cornrows properly a net weave may be the ideal solution for you!

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