What exactly is a lace wig?

Alex Swan

Posted on February 03 2020

If you’ve never heard of lace wigs, then you are certainly not alone.

The history of the lace wig dates back to at least the early 1990’S when lace wigs first began to be used in Hollywood for theatrical purposes in movies and on stage. Eventually, celebrities and their stylists began to realize the potential for the lace wig to be used not only as a part of character and theatrical makeup, but as a way to add glamour and versatility to one’s everyday look.When lace wigs first started to become available for public use, they were extremely expensive, bulky and not very realistic looking.

However, the increasing popularity of lace wigs has lead to the evolution of better and more undetectable ventilating methods and has also made lace wigs widely available and affordable for the everyday woman.

Whether you are experiencing hair loss, or simply want a fabulous new look, a lace wig can be an excellent option for you!


Lace wig measurement info: Biggest Error– Measurements too small


If your measurements are too small, then you will run into big problems immediately when you try to apply your unit. This applies even more so if you are doing a full perimeter application. As soon as you get one side of the unit secured with the adhesive and you try to pull the other side into place, the original side that you already had secured is tugged out of place. If you are having these kinds of problems, then unfortunately, your unit is too small. And unfortunately, there isn’t much than be done to fix a unit that is too small. You can always try using bobby pins or clips to make your application more secure. But if you really want to get a flawless full perimeter application you will need to purchase another full lace wig with new, accurate measurements.

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