Why Lace Frontals Are So Trendy

Dea Gbortoe

Posted on October 22 2019

Why Lace Frontals Are So Trendy


Why Lace Frontals Are So Trendy

Why are lace frontals so trendy right now? That’s an easy one! Lace Frontal are so trendy right now
because of their versatility, their styling options and because of how natural they look. Lace Frontals are
used for two main reasons. One to protect your natural hair and hair line, and two, to give you a variety
of styles and colors you can choose from. There is no secret that wild and crazy colors are in high
demand right now. Thanks to entertainers such as Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Katy Perry, just
to name a few. We all want the look without actually having to damage our hair. Using lace frontals is a
very trendy and popular way to achieve these looks without the commitment.

Frontal hair pieces have also become increasingly popular for their versatility, especially when it comes
to styling wigs, weaves, and sew-ins. Lace frontals are the most popular hair piece choice because of
their close resemblance to the natural hairline and scalp. If customized and apply properly frontals can
mimic the natural hair line, which gives you the illusion of the hair growing out of your very own scalp.
And who doesn’t want their wig, weaves or sew-ins to look as natural as possible? I know I do!!!
Another reason why lace frontals are so trendy right now is because they tend to cut down on
installation times. Since the frontal takes up about half the size of the head, it helps to reduce the
amount of time it would have taken to install the bundles that would have taken its place. Using a
frontal also helps to save you money by decreasing the amount of bundles that would normally be
needed for the style.

Why Lace Frontals Are So Trendy

Overall, lace frontals have grown in popularity over the years because the many talented hair stylist that
dedicated their time to perfect the manipulation of giving frontal a more natural appearance. I
remember back in the day, lace frontals didn’t have such a good rep. Nobody wanted to be caught dead
wearing a frontal, because to be honest they looked ABOSULUTLY hideous. Now we brag about wearing
a frontal. Hints the all so popular hashtag #whatfrontal. So we have to give some major props to the God
bless it stylists that shared their techniques with the world on how to turn that a frontal from the
Sopranos cast to Beyoncé.

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